Several areas of Spain are left without electricity supply after an incident with a seaplane

An electrical blackout has affected different areas of Spain this Saturday afternoon because, according to Red Eléctrica via Twitter, "an incident with a seaplane has generated a problem in the French very high voltage network causing the temporary disconnection of the peninsula from the rest of Europe". The unforeseen event, as added in the same tweet, "is already resolved," awaiting interconnection between the affected areas of the country.

Emergency services from different autonomous communities have reported problems in the electricity supply. This is the case of the Community of Madrid, which warned of this same breakdown or of Protecció civil de Catalunya, which detailed that the lack of supply affected some 640,000 customers. The Region of Murcia also reported in this regard, which at 5.17 am this afternoon estimated a duration of the supply cut of about 30 minutes. "Until 6:30 p.m., the 1-1-2 RM Emergency Coordination Center has handled a total of 202 calls related to the general power cut from various municipalities in the Region of Murcia," they published in a second tweet.

However, according to reports from these same emergency services, the restoration of services is already taking place gradually, while the hashtag of # blackout remains among the trends of Twitter.


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