July 29, 2021

Seventy dogs and three cockatoos, in a flat of only 70 square meters – The Province

Seventy dogs and three cockatoos, in a flat of only 70 square meters - The Province

Twenty-five dogs crammed into a tiny classroom with an unbearable smell and 45 more locked with padlock in two rooms. This is how the Local Police found the 70 dogs rescued yesterday from a 70 square meter apartment in the Ciudad de Asís neighborhood of Alicante. The owner of the house, aged 45, was arrested by a suspect crime of animal abuse and transferred last night to Police station after appearing one of the dogs in very bad condition inside the washing machine.

In the house, in which also reside the couple of the woman and a young man of 19 years, there were three ninfos (cockatoos), two turtles protected from land, a ferret and a pigeon. Adults lived with animals in serious unsanitary conditions since the dogs made their needs in the house, a ground floor with patio.

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The Local Police investigates whether it is a illegal hatchery. The intervention was carried out as a result of the investigation opened by agents of the Canine Unit who received a complaint from a private individual. They went to the house after alerting the Animal Protector and they found themselves as soon as they entered with 25 dogs walking around the room while the family watched television. Of races washington and bodeguero, with ages between 10 and 14 years, and a litter.

The agents initially seized 23 dogs and planned to leave them two, those that had a chip and were vaccinated. When inspecting two rooms closed with padlock went out to a total of 45 more dogs, chihuahua and pomerania, many puppies. The animals were transferred to the Protector in a coordinated intervention by the councils of Security and Animal Protection. The police stopped the owner at the end of the operation due to animal abuse. They will also submit a report to Social Services for the state of the home.


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