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Paid wine is the maximum qualification contemplated by Spanish legislation on winemaking. Above the Denomination of Origin, the concept of payment, applied to wine, refers to a vineyard located in a special enclave with unique soils and a privileged climate that gives the wine unique qualities. Only 17 wineries in Spain have this distinction. And all their bottles carry this definition of Paid Wine (VP) on their labels.

The other Rioja: seven wines that for less than 15 euros will break your schemes

The other Rioja: seven wines that for less than 15 euros will break your schemes

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Now, in order to enter this category, wineries have to comply with the requirements of preparing their productions with grapes from their own land (which is the payment itself) and carry out the entire process, from fermentation to bottling, in its facilities close to the payment.

With so many demands (and many more at the administrative level), anyone would think that they are exclusive and unaffordable wines. A popular belief that is due, paradoxically, to some prices of two well-known wineries, Pago de Carraovejas and Pago de los Capellanes, which call themselves payments but are not legally recognized as such, as well as many of the group’s wineries. Great Payments from SpainAlthough they make great wines, of course.

Those that are part of the select VP club

Within Castilla la Mancha, are VP:

  • Calzadilla payment in Cuenca
  • Campo de la Guardia and Domain of Valdepusa in Toledo
  • El Vicario, Los Cerrillos, Vallegarcía, Casa del Blanco, Dehesa del Carrizal and Pago Florentino in Ciudad Real;
  • Finca Élez, La Jaraba and Pago Guijoso in Albacete


  • Arínzano payment
  • Otazu Payment
  • Irache meadow
  • Balandín farm

Valencian Community:

  • Finca El Terrerazo
  • Payment Vera of Estenas
  • The Balagueses

Aragon: Payment of Aylés

In a good number of them we have found some exquisite wines of payment in a range of prices between 12 and 20 euros. So we are going to end the myth here today and we assure you that you are going to enjoy an unbeatable value for money enormously and that you deserve to indulge yourself.

Seven premium wines to love the terroir

Pago De Cirsus Cuvée Especial 2016

It is a coupage of the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties made at Finca Balandín, one of the Navarra estates that is owned by the Pago de Cirsus winery, together with the Pago de Irache. It stands out, at the first drink, for the green pepper so typical of Cabernet Sauvignon. But then, thanks to the aging, it passes to the sweetness of the fruit and is perfectly balanced, balsamic and enveloping. He asks you for more, why are we going to fool ourselves. 15% Vol and 12.50 euros.

Lumberjack Trail 2017

The first parcel wine made by Aylés Payment, the tenth winery to obtain the status of Vino de Pago in 2010 and the only one in all of Aragon. This red wine comes from its medieval vineyard at 650 meters of altitude, where the Tempranillo and Grenache give it a fantastic power that is tempered in the barrel for ten months. It’s sensational, round, and deep with three years to spare, but if you take it in ten years, it may be even more sifted. With meats and cheeses, excellent. 14% Vol and 12.99 euros.

Florentine Payment 2017

It is 100% cencibel, equivalent to tempranillo, which is grown on the La Solana estate of the Arzuaga Navarro winery, in the town of Malagón, in Ciudad Real. It remains in the barrel for twelve months and, curiously, apart from a very expressive nose that reverberates in the mouth, it has a touch like lemon candy, but nothing pointed, rather caressing on the tongue and a very long aftertaste. 14% Vol and 14.50 euros.

Martué syrah 2015

Son of the Campo de la Guardia Payment and the Martué winery, it is a herbaceous immersion in the Toledo undergrowth, a very fresh and elegant red wine thanks to its 15 months in the barrel. For those who do not like syrah, they will change the schemes: it is unlikely that, if you serve it at a dinner with friends, you will not succeed with this sweet red with its well-balanced point of vanilla. 14.5% Vol and 14.50 euros.

Martínez Bermell Merlot Paid Wine

A tribute to Francisco Martínez Bermell, a nationally recognized winemaker who was the father of the brothers who now run the Pago Vera de Estenas family winery, in the Utiel-Requena area of ​​Valencia. It is a caressing red, without any edge and light despite its imperceptible 14.5% Vol. And the best thing is that the mineral flavor is extended in the taste buds so that you can enjoy it while you taste some good sardines. 14 euros.

Chardonnay 2018 Pago Dehesa del Carrizal

This white is a great representative of the homonymous winery, located in the Montes de Toledo. To the fermentation in French oak barrels they add a four-month aging with the battonage on its own lees. From there comes that flavor of ripe fruit and yeast that makes it round, lively and tasty; it stays there resting on your tongue for a long time. Ideal for fish and white meat. 13.5% Vol and 18 euros.

Otazu Payment 2016

This very outstanding limited edition from Pago de Otazu, with 70% merlot, 20% cabernet sauvignon and 10% tempranillo, goes through an exceptional reserve of 15 months in barrel and 18 months in bottle. Despite this, the wood is present in its proper measure, refining the long and powerful drink that perfectly reflects the terroir where the 1840 winery is located, also enabled as an art foundation. With a good barbecue it will be great. 14.5% Vol and 20 euros.

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