September 26, 2020

Seven titles to get to know Ray Bradbury in depth – The Province

A thunderous sound (Navona)

Considered one of the key stories about time travel and its paradoxes, Nórdica serves this beautiful edition illustrated by Eena Ferrándiz. It is also a Background of the butterfly effect theory Asked by Konrad Lorenz.

Fahrenheit 451 (Minotaur / Bow)

The centenary edition in Spanish of this fundamental dystopia It is accompanied by prologues by Laura Fernández and the great Neil Gaiman. The Catalan edition translated by Jordi Subirana is prefaced by Victor Garcia Tur.

Martian Chronicles (Minotaur)

The crown jewel of bradbury’s work. History of the colonization of Mars by Earthlings without epic and with large doses of poetic melancholy that Borges fell in love with. The new prologue of this edition is by Rodrigo Fresán.

The Illustrated Man (Minotaur / Males Herbes)

One of the great collections of stories by the author. Eighteen stories that are born from the drawings that a man has tattooed on his body and they come to life. The Catalan edition is by Males Herbes.

The golden apples of the sun (Minotaur)

Another important compilation of short stories that takes its title from one of the short stories inspired in turn by a poem by Yeats. It brings together a good part of the production of the 50s.

The summer wine (Minotaur)

A beautiful novel inspired by the author’s childhood in an environment between everyday and magical. Apollo 15 named a crater on the Moon after Dandelion – original title. Its continuation has also been published: ‘El verano del adiós’.

Zen in the art of writing (Minotaur)

With his generous and uncompromising style, Bradbury dedicates himself in these essays to think about your craft. And what emerges is the great happiness he feels when writing.


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