December 4, 2020

Seven tips to get profitability from a tourist apartment in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis




It is not being a great year for tourism, to which the outbreaks, the measures of countries as relevant as the United Kingdom or Germany and the possibility that we are facing a second wave of the virus have ruined the arrival of international tourists. Faced with this complex situation, the experts from the Assessment Institute, aware that the main challenge is to stand out in the middle of a very wide offer And in direct competition for a much smaller audience, he has compiled a short list of how to “save” the season and keep your investment paying off:

1. Prices according to the market

The Valuation Institute recommends that the price offered be “in accordance with market prices according to its characteristics, its benefits, its location, etc.” The ideal to get a full idea is analyze both supply and demand of which the home is located and you adjust the price “also taking into account the type of property in question.” Regarding the type of asset, the single family homes they are the most sought-after accommodations to the detriment of multi-family homes, both in coastal and rural destinations, “since they have more private areas and large spaces.”

2. Offer discounts for longer rentals

The experts consulted have pointed out that this year families are looking for accommodation where they can spend periods of weeks or even up to a month, “In which they can feel comfortable and safe and without having to be moving from one tourist accommodation to another”. They are even looking for a place where they can reconcile intensive telework days with the enjoyment of a vacation destination. In this sense, one way to attract this public is by offering discounts for rentals of more than a week or a month, which for the owner can mean a saving of time when managing rentals, less disinfection efforts prior to the entry of new tenants.

3. Give visibility to the home in key portals

The specialists of the Institute of Valuations advise to study this aspect carefully «to define, depending on the target audience, the location or type of home the best portals or search engines to publish our property ». The objective is none other than to reach the largest possible audience and may be interested in what we offer.

4. Interest begins in photos

It is repeated that one image is worth a thousand words. Users looking for this type of accommodation «They generally sail very fast on the web looking for the offers that suit what they want, “say the experts consulted. For this reason, the first thing they see are the photos of the accommodation and, at this point, it is vital to have quality images of each space, as this will capture the attention of interested people. The Evaluation Institute has proposed as an innovative idea to combine the flat photography with 360º, with specialized suppliers such as Vitrio.

5. Among the priorities this year the swimming pool, the gardens, the terraces or the natural environment

After several months of confinement, what is highly valued are spacious homes with outdoor spaces to spend free time, away from crowds and public places. This may attract more interest from future tenants. «The recommendation here is clearly identify the attributes of the home and include them in the personalization labels of the different portals, so that they are displayed in the activity carried out by users who sophisticated their searches with preference filters.

6. Focus on hygiene

The coronavirus has placed at the top of the requirements the compliance with all hygiene measures, so that the accommodation is safe for the tenants. To do this, the experts from the Assessment Institute propose that users be informed in the description of the home of the security protocols, which are being following for disinfection. Even depending on the autonomous community, there are already distinctive seals that identify those who comply with the anticovid-19 security measures.

7. Added value can help the undecided

The “extras” are very important, since they allow a tourist rental housing offer to stand out over others and that can be decisive in deciding the choice. «Some ideas could be offer a free bike loan, have beach chairs and umbrellas in the house for the use of tenants “, point out the specialists consulted who also value welcome details such as cold water bottles, fruit or the option of free parking in the surroundings of the house.

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