Seven thousand Sorianos say they do not want "not one more innocent"

Seven thousand Sorianos say they do not want "not one more innocent"

Some seven thousand people have shown their displeasure tonight in Soria for the lack of fulfillment of the electoral commitments in the last two decades, which condemns the province not to have development, in a demonstration called by the Soria Platform ¡Ya! under the motto "Not one more innocent."

"Now that another year has ended, a very important moment in the balance sheets, we can see again that the balance that 2018 leaves for Soria is again very poor," said one of the spokesmen, Fernando Arévalo, at the beginning of the reading. of the statement.

The parishes of Soria have turned their bells for five minutes, in support of the claim, in a closed demonstration when the protesters have turned on the lights of their phones and have shouted "Soria! Ya!", Emulating the initiative made a year ago in the stadiums of Los Pajaritos and Santiago Bernabéu, in the eliminatory copera that faced the Numancia and Real Madrid.

The Soria Platform Now! "He denounced in the communiqué that the Sorians have been hearing the same promises from politicians for decades, but they never see the light · due to the apathy and lack of interest of the central and regional governments towards our land".

Highways of the Duero and Navarra, modernization of the railway line to Madrid, shuttle to Calatayud, new health centers, linear accelerators or 28 million to develop an industrial estate in Soria are some of the investments committed by the different governments, central and regional, that do not finish arriving in Soria.

"Therefore, today we go out to the streets to proclaim loud and clear that the Sorians are not innocent and that we are fed up with so much ninguneo and so many smoke announcements, we are tired of being laughed at and face to face. treat like puppets who can be kidded, "he said.

In this regard, he has requested explanations from the Board of Juan Vicente Herrera and the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero that in 2006, before the departure of Castilla y León from the cohesion funds, they agreed to extend this aid until 2013 to promote infrastructures in the provinces less developed and Soria stayed out.

"What they are doing with this province is insulting and tremendously unfair," he lamented.

He has also denounced that the Regional Government of Castile and Leon has allocated in the Inter-territorial Compensation Fund of 2016, an instrument contemplated in the Constitution to correct inter-territorial economic imbalances and make effective the principle of solidarity, just a "shameful" 0.7 percent of its funds, while Salamanca received almost 38 percent.

"So do not take us for fools or innocents, Soria does not die, Soria is being killed," he said.

For the Plataforma Soria ¡Ya ", depopulation is only the most palpable consequence of the abandonment, the reluctance and the marginalization to which both the central and regional governments have subjected the province for decades, all with the" complicity "of Sorian politicians, "who are unable to strike a blow on the table and claim what is fair for us".

The citizen movement has ensured that they will continue to fight and fight for Soria to obtain what it deserves and what it was promised, "until Soria has infrastructures and services in line with the 21st century."

The demonstration concluded by thanking the founders of the Soria ¡Ya Platform "and especially those who continue seventeen years later lending their time in a disinterested way to claim the future for Soria.

"We have to make it clear to politicians that we are not going to relent in our efforts to fight for the future of this land showing our total resistance," he concluded.


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