August 3, 2020

Seven things of Banksy that you did not know – The Province

After the partial destruction of 'Girl with a balloon' Perhaps the name of its author is familiar to some. Banksy is best known for his graffiti on the street in which he transmits a political and social criticism, something that has catapulted its fame internationally. Although its identity remains a mystery, these seven curiosities draw us a bit more the profile of this peculiar public figure.

1. Born in Bristol

One of the few facts that are known about Banksy is their origin. The graffiti artist is from the city of Bristol, in the south of England, and it is estimated that birthdate It was approximately around 1975. Some of its references are, among others, the punk music band Crass, but, above all, the French author known as Bleck le Rat.

2. The campaign for Lady Diana tickets

He is mainly known for his graffiti, but the artist has also carried out peculiar campaigns that had nothing to do with painting. In the year 2014, during the anniversary of the death of Diana of Wales (Lady Di), put into circulation bills (approximately one million pounds) in which he had replaced Queen Elizabeth II for the princess. They read "Banksy of England, I promise to pay the bearer of the maximum price." These reached, as expected, an exorbitant price that they would not have had if they had been authentic.

3. Social criticism also in 'The Simpsons'

Banksy's criticism has not only reached the British Royal House, it also got to splash on the American television network Fox. In the intro which was commissioned appeared a company, located in an Asian country, which was responsible for the animations of the series as well as merchandising of it. Its objective was to criticize the working conditions suffered by the people of South Korea and China, where the chain has several industries.

4. A versatile artist

Banksy has not limited himself to his street works. Part of his works have been seen in various scenes of film products such as 'Children of Men' or 'Criminal Minds'. He also collaborated with the rock music band Blur, designing the cover of his Think Tank album. But it does not stay there. The artist directed a film that was nominated in the year 2011 for the Oscar for best documentary. The title of the film was 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', based on one of his works of the same name.

5. Fans and detractors

Banksy has many followers, but some of them are not fans. He has been accused of hypocrisy because while criticizing capitalism sells his works at millionaire prices. He is also accused of inciting urban violence or that his works are directed to an ignorant public regarding art.

6. He was interviewed face to face on one occasion

In 2003 the journalist of The Guardian, Simon Hattenstone, interviewed the graffiti artist in a face-to-face meeting. Although the journalist did not give many details of his appearance, he defined him as a young western standard man.

7. Possible Banksy

The man behind the mask is still a mystery, however, there are two names that resonate like that of the possible artist. Bristol-born artist Robin Gunningham has been singled out by Queen Mary University in London as Banksy. Meanwhile, others look towards the band member Massive Attack, Robert del Naja. Conspiracy theories do not lack in this case either, ensuring that Banksy is not really just a person but a network of people in charge of carrying out the works.


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