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Seven students from the University of Granada accuse a teacher of sexual harassment | Society

Seven students from the University of Granada accuse a teacher of sexual harassment | Society

A student of the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Granada denounced on Friday, before the corresponding bodies of the university but not yet before the police, a teacher for sexual harassment. Later, the student asked in her class if someone had gone through the same thing and the Equality Unit of the campus received the complaints of six other women against the teacher. LThe first student assures that more than 20 compañeras have contacted with her to tell her that they had suffered similar treatment.

The student, who did not want to give her name, explained that after missing class, she wanted to justify it to the professor and he quoted her in his office. "We do not talk about the subject at all. He only asked me to trust him ", he told about the appointment that was so brief that it served as an excuse for the teacher to ask for his phone number and call it again. On that occasion, he said, "He asked me if I masturbated, if I needed help for that and if I enjoyed sex." He also commented that in his profile of WhatsApp was "very provocative, referring to the neckline." "He took my hands and made me sit next to him, not in front, and he took me by the hand." The student has acknowledged that she did not know how to interpret everything until later. So much so that, after telling his parents and his roommate, "although they advised against it," he decided to return with a tape recorder to another appointment. In that session, according to the student, it has been recorded as the teacher admits that behavior.

The accumulation of complaints or confirmations of similar cases has been very rapid. Everything happened on Friday. The complainant has acknowledged that all kinds of comments began to be made public and that is when she decided to tell him. "I have preferred it so that it does not go beyond something that is not true and everything that is said is true." From there, the university has recognized the existence of seven complaints. "I closed the doors of the office in the tutorials", "I asked if they liked intense sex" are situations described by some of those students who say they have gone through that drink. The alleged sexual harassment goes back, according to the first complainant, up to 10 years ago.

The rector, Pilar Aranda, has assured that the university will be "totally forceful" and has announced that "fully respecting the presumption of innocence" will do an investigation and if the allegations are confirmed, they will put the case in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office. After hearing the case, the university activated its protocol for these cases without losing time, the Equality Unit and the Inspection Unit are carrying the case.

The Rector considers the Protocol for Prevention and Response to Harassment one of the "most advanced" of the campuses Spanish and has insisted that the injured "denounce and not shut up" when confronted with these acts. Aranda, however, has asked for the law to be changed as it considers that the institution has little chance of taking preventive and precautionary measures when behaviors such as those reported these days are detected.

The students are still assessing if they report to the police. "We have to see all the factors: economic, social and to what extent we want to involve each one". Anyway, he said, "in the end I think we will denounce. I at least do want to do it. "


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