Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Seven songs to ruin Valentine

Many expect a special date for Valentine’s Day. But an excess of romanticism can be devastating, so you have to be careful and, above all, calculate well what songs are chosen to create a good atmosphere if you have set up an evening at home. Music can help, but it can also be your worst enemy. Here are seven songs that shouldn’t sound in the soundtrack of February 14 and one that could even be used to torture in Guantanamo.

1. “Taste of love”, from Invisible Dance.

The temazo swept the radio and is one of those songs that still plays at many weddings. Let’s wake up nostalgia, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it gives the impression that it has been a bit outdated. Better reserve it for other times

2. “With passion”, by Enrique del pozo

Instead of the promised effect, that is, “with passion”, this theme and its general interpretation produces a shudder, but not of lust, but rather the opposite. The song is skeletal and there is no dance body or just a guitar (both completely expendable in this horror) that save the song. Its immediate administration only causes prophylaxis.

3. “Caught in the net”, by Tam Tam Go

Not everything goes to create a catchy chorus. Although the song rang on the stations without stopping for months, that letter still squeaks today: «I gave you all my love arroba love punto com. And you have thrown me steals steals the reason stolen. Send me an email that I will open my mailbox. And I make you a little corner in the file of my heart ». This stanza, of course catchy, better hum it when you go alone in the car to avoid problems.

4. “I loved you so much” by Paulina Rubio

The singer went from «popera» in this melody. The theme is an impossible between a song to dance and an attempt to create something intimate. And, in the end, neither one thing nor another. The impression is as if the composer had tried to boycott the lyricist. Paulina does what she can with what more than a “hit” seems like a divorce.

5. “My first kiss” by Melendi

Neither tenderness nor sympathy with the character, nor, much less romanticism. In this song, Melendi tries to describe a special moment and to be funny at the same time and only achieves a high level of pathos. Coarse gravel and a content for which the parental pin makes good lack. Completely inadvisable from zero years.

6. “My heart” by Fran Perea

On this issue, Fran gets rid of a failed relationship and his heart “wants to fly to never return.” This is more or less all the verses of this theme that says nothing but has Fran looking at infinity with his face resting on his guitar so that the message is clear: he is a boy who plays the guitar and is sad. The song has five comments on YouTube and one of them says: “terrible theme !! Genius Fran Perea !! ” We subscribe them.

7. “Although I can’t see you,” Alex Ubago

If there is someone capable of transforming something as volatile and widespread as falling in love in a problem of ridiculous dimensions, it is undoubtedly the everlasting and never forgotten, Álex Ubago. In one of his most mythical songs, “Although I can’t see you”, the Basque singer delves into the complexity of feelings with motivational harangues as effective as “if you had a gray, calm day yesterday, I will make songs to see if I can see you smile ”capable of erasing ten years of therapy or weather predictions worthy of Martin Barreiro himself; “I think I see the rain fall in my window I see you but it’s not raining.”


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