July 30, 2021

Seven series to see in marathon on this bridge | TV

Seven series to see in marathon on this bridge | TV

Although this year, in fact, the October 12th bridge is just a long weekend, one more day off can go a long way. If your plan is to stay at home and, now that the fall has been over, recover the blanket on the couch, nothing better than a short and easily marathonable series to top the infallible plan. Here we recommend seven titles that you can find in different online platforms and that is easy to see the pull.

– Elite

The fashion series on Netflix at the moment is Spanish and very focused on the young audience. Even so, it has hooked spectators of all ages (although some may refuse to recognize it in public). It is possibly the most marathonable series of all that we include in this list. The arrival in an elite school of three boys from a public institute causes a clash of classes that ends up leading to a crime whose antecedents will be unraveled throughout the chapters. With a script well written, with rhythm and at the service of the objective of engaging your target audience, large doses of sex, beautiful faces and charismatic characters, Elite It's the series you did not want to engage in, and yet you'll devour.

How many chapters are? The first season has eight chapters of about 45 minutes each.

Where can I see it? On Netflix.

– Giants

Enrique Urbizu directs this dark thriller that follows the story of the Guerrero brothers. Raised by his father Abraham, master and mistress of the underworld of Madrid, certain tragic events will cause them to confront each other in a fraternal struggle to proclaim themselves heirs of his empire. An intense story narrated with the recognizable style of Urbizu (although Jorge Dorado directs some of the episodes of the first season), with good performances, especially by the three sons, Daniel Grao, Isak Férriz and Nene, and Jose Coronado as Bad bad touching the excess. A good option for those who like the darkest stories.

How many chapters are? Six one-hour episodes make up his first season.

Where can I see it? Movistar +.

– Castle Rock

The literary universe of Stephen King comes alive in this series set in the town of Castle Rock, in which several stories and novels of the prolific author, which makes the series is full of references to the world of King. André Holland is the protagonist of this series of psychological terror in which he plays a lawyer who returns to town after receiving a call from Shawshank (jail Life imprisonment) because one of the interns (played by Bill Skarsgard, actor of the film Item, also based on a novel by the same author) insists that it is he who takes his case. In Castle Rock I will come into contact with the darkness of the place and its residents. In the cast are actors like Sissy Spacek (Carrie) or Terry O'Quinn (Lost).

How many chapters are? His first season has 10 episodes of an hour.

Where can I see it? Movistar Series will broadcast all marathon episodes on Saturday the 13th from 4:00 p.m. Then they will be available on demand.

– Forever

In fact it is better not to know much about this series, although a few small strokes we can give to encourage you to see it. Alan Yang, co-creator of Master of None, and Matt Hubbard, scriptwriter of 30 Rock, are its authors. Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, its protagonists. They play a couple whose life has fallen into monotony. Of the argument, we can only count until there, and that a turn changes everything. This story halfway between comedy and drama also has one of the best chapters of the year, an exciting work of art that, to make matters worse, is an episode without its protagonists.

How many chapters are? Eight half hour episodes.

Where can I see it? In Amazon Prime Video.

– Harlots: courtesans

The confrontation between two brothels of the eighteenth century London is the axis on which turns this series in which they, the madams and prostitutes, are the ones who take the lead. Samantha Morton plays Margaret Wells, owner of a brothel and mother of Charlotte, a courtesan who seeks independence, and Lucy, who seeks to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Facing them is the venue that runs in the Soho Lydia Quigley, which aims to be an improved and elitist version of a brothel. The series, in addition to a surprising feminist approach, has a luxury cast in which, in addition to Samantha Morton, are Jessica Brown Findlay, Lesley Manville or Liv Tyler in season two, among others.

How many chapters are? Its first season has eight chapters. Of the second in Spain, four have already been issued.

Where can I see it? Cosmo is broadcasting the second season. The previous chapters can be seen on demand.

– The Good Place

If what you are looking for is a comedy with an original starting point, this could be your series. The Good Place It starts at the moment when Eleanor (Kristen Bell) receives the news that she has just died and, given her good behavior, will spend the rest of eternity in a kind of heaven, the good side of the title of the series. However, she should not be there, because her life has been the least exemplary one can imagine. To try not to clash in this place full of perfect beings, Eleanor will receive classes in ethics and morals. Philosophy and humor are combined in this series that evolves to reinvent itself constantly from the turn that ends its first season. Right now, The Good Place is, simply one of the most intelligent and fun television series. And besides, he has Ted Danson in his cast.

How many chapters are? Right now there are available 27 chapters of 20 minutes each. The one that is in broadcast is its third season.

Where can I see it? Netflix.

– Jack Ryan

A good option for those who want some action and entertainment palomitero. After the film adaptations of the character created by Tom Clancy, television takes over with this version embodied by John Krasinski. CIA analyst Jack Ryan detects patterns in financial communications between terrorists that make him think he is preparing something very fat. Suddenly, you will have to move from Washington offices to action on the ground in the Middle East. The series not only follows the adventures of Ryan, it also delves into the villain's motivations and the implications of his actions on his family.

How many chapters are? Eight chapters of one hour each. Although the story closes this season, the series is renewed for a second season.

Where can I see it? Amazon Prime Video.


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