April 23, 2021

Seven series that you can not miss in December | TV

Seven series that you can not miss in December | TV

Vis a vis

After a frustrated flight and a mutiny behind bars, the reign of terror arrives at Cruz del Norte with Sandoval at the controls of the center. Everything will be more complicated for the protagonists of this series that faces its fourth season by raising the level of tension and taking its characters to the limit of their resistance. New actors include Benjamín Vicuña, Cristina Marcos, Georgina Amorós and Edgar Vittorino, as well as returning familiar faces such as Maggie Civantos or Alberto Velasco.

Where and when to see it? Fox issues the first episode of the fourth season on Monday the 3rd at 10pm.


Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon and John Leguizamo star in this six-episode production that captures the real story of the 51-day confrontation between the FBI, the ATF (US federal agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the group led by the supposed prophet David Koresh in 1993. The siege of the place where the leader of this community and his followers took refuge – known as the Siege of Waco – ended in a massacre that shocked the entire country. The series takes as reference the biography written by one of the survivors, David Thibodeau, and that of the head of the crisis negotiation unit of the FBI Gary Noesner.

Where and when to see it? Paramount Network premieres the series, directly in open, with double episode on Monday 3 at 22.15.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

After his perfect life collapsed, Miriam Maisel, Midge, He has already decided that he will try to take advantage of his great skills for monologuism, something that is not exactly simple for a New York housewife living well off in the fifties. The series, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, starring Rachel Brosnahan and winner of the Emmy and Golden Globe for best comedy with its first season, is challenged to maintain the high level in a new release that wants to expand the focus to Midge out of his comfort zone.

Where and when to see it? On Wednesday 5 will be available the 10 episodes of the second season on Amazon Prime Video.

Into the Dark

Series of terror that comes with a peculiar proposal: release a long-running episode every month. Twelve episodes for twelve months, with different directors and stories that will have as a backdrop different popular celebrations. The first chapter, The Body, It is set on Halloween night in Los Angeles. The second installment, Fresh and Blood, takes place during the celebration of Thanksgiving. The third, Pooka, is directed by the Spanish Nacho Vigalondo and plays with the Christmas iconography.

Where and when to see it? HBO Spain opens the first three chapters on December 8th. From there, will hang one every month, simultaneously to its premiere in the United States.


The discovery of a portal that leads to a parallel dimension opens up a whole new world for Howard, a United Nations employee with a monotonous and gray life. Without knowing it, he has been at the center of a plot that involves the two realities and plunges you into a dangerous world in which alliances and betrayals arise where you least expect it. In that world, its main ally will be its double, physically identical but very different in the other aspects. J.K. Simmons stars in this story set in Berlin that returns with new intrigues.

Where and when to see it? On Monday 10, HBO Spain will premiere the first episode of the second season.


Adaptation of the famous novel by Patrick Süskind (which in 2006 was taken to the cinema) in which a perfumer with a sense of smell overdeveloped murders young women to try to distill their essence and develop with them the perfect aroma. Although the German series respects the spirit of the novel, it will include some changes to move this thriller to the present time (the original story was set in the 18th century). The plot revolves around a group of friends who establish a peculiar friendship during their stay in a boarding school and who are united by the intense attraction they feel towards aromas. Years later, one of the members of the group appears murdered, which leads to a police investigation.

Where and when to see it? Netflix will premiere the series on Friday the 21st.


A twenty-year-old bookseller falls in love with a client at first sight. After that first encounter, she becomes obsessed with her and, knowing her name and few other details, she tracks her life on social networks to know everything possible about her and be able to follow in her footsteps. Knowing your most intimate data is about approaching it and what starts as a crush becomes an obsession that leads you to try to eliminate the obstacles that stand between them, including other people. A disturbing story of harassment in the digital age with a dark tone and even more serious than it may seem at first glance.

Where and when to see it? On the 26th the entire first season will be available on Netflix.


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