March 4, 2021

Seven people die in the collapse of a hill in central Mexico

Seven people – three adults and four minors – died from the collapse of part of a hill in the municipality of Puebla, in central Mexico, local authorities reported Thursday.

"According to the preliminary report, seven bodies without vital signs have been removed, corresponding to three adults and four children, and medical units transferred two rescued children to the Hospital del Sur," the Government of Puebla informed in a bulletin.

The event, which took place when a party was held, took place in Santo Tomás Chautla, a town belonging to the municipality of Puebla, capital of the state of the same name.

The landslide occurred at the stroke of midnight and was caused by heavy rain that occurred in this region of central Mexico since Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency units from different public agencies came to the scene.

Among these, the Ministry of the Interior, Civil Protection, the Operational Unit of Municipal Civil Protection of Neighborhood and Community Care or the Municipal Public Security Secretariat.

Different teams started the rescue of injured people.

At the moment, it is unknown if there are people who could be trapped and the exact number of injured.

During the rescue, two infants who were transferred to a hospital for their care were recovered alive.

The authorities do not rule out that the number of deaths will increase in the next hours. "Unfortunately, it is estimated that the number of deaths could increase," they said in the bulletin.

Therefore, it announced that the zone is declared a risk zone, because the forecast will be of rains during the next days.

Likewise, he asked the residents of the place to be on the lookout for the instructions that may arise during the passing of the hours in order to avoid further damages of this nature and can be safeguarded in a timely manner if necessary.

It is expected that during the day an update of the work carried out during the early hours of this Thursday may be announced, so the rescue units are kept in place.

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