seven men and two women will judge Nogueira

seven men and two women will judge Nogueira

The trial against Patrick Nogueira has started in the Provincial Court of Guadalajara with the formation of the popular jury that will settle his guilt for these events, consisting of a total of seven men and two women.

Ten witnesses, more than twenty agents of the Civil Guard, eight experts, forensic and neighbors of the housing of the facts, among others, will participate from today throughout six sessions in the oral hearing held in the Provincial Court of Guadalajara for the so-called crime of Pioz. The accused is a 22-year-old Brazilian youth, Patrick Nogueira, who allegedly murdered his uncles and the couple's two minor children on August 17, 2016 and for whom the Prosecutor's Office requests a permanent remand for four crimes of murder.

The line of defense of the individual, who has already been imprisoned for two years, is expected to pass by determining that he acted under some "anomaly or psychic alteration". And is that, in addition to committing four atrocious crimes, the defendant was sending photos by WhatsApp of what he was doing to a friend from Brazil.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the defendant arrived in Spain in March 2016 and, between April and July 9 of that year, he resided together with his uncle, his wife and their minor children in a rented apartment in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

On July 9 the family moved to live in Pioz (Guadalajara), fixing their residence in the villa of the La Arboleda urbanization, and the defendant moved two days later to a house in the Madrid municipality of Alcalá de Henares (his companion of floor is also cited to declare). It was on August 17 of that year when, for reasons that will try to settle in the trial, Patrick decides to end the life of all the members of the family that welcomed him. So, he went by bus to the chalet carrying in his backpack a knife that he had bought for that purpose, American tape and garbage bags. I also had some pizzas. After eating with the wife and children of his cousin, who was working is those moments, went to the kitchen and, while the woman of the family was backs in the sink, Nogueira attacked her from behind cutting his neck. He died almost in the act and in the presence of his four and one year old children. The children, paralyzed by fear, ran the same fate as their mother.

With the three corpses already on the ground, Patrick proceeded to section the body of his uncle's wife and put each part into four plastic bags. When the father of the family arrived at the address he did the same with him. It was not until a month later when the strong stench that came from the house alerted a maintenance employee and the Civil Guard found the scene macabre. Two days later, Nogueira fled to Brazil although he ended up returning to be arrested in Spain on October 19, 2016. Since then, he remains a preventive prisoner in Estremera.


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