April 10, 2021

Seven dead in attacks against the Police in the Mexican state of Veracruz

Seven dead, including four police officers, left on Saturday a violent day in the Mexican state of Veracruz (southeast).

Police sources reported that armed groups linked to drug trafficking attacked police bases, ambushed officers and sustained intense shootings in the central mountainous region of the state.

The events occurred from dawn until the afternoon of this Saturday in the areas of Huatusco and Córdoba, an area hit by violence for more than two decades.

On the periphery of the city of Huatusco, an armed group shot at a base of the Civil Force, the elite group of the State Public Security Secretariat.

The alleged criminals fired at least 70 times with .22 and .9 mm caliber firearms. The attack was repelled by the officers without registering victims.

After the fray, agents from various state and federal corporations implemented a strong operation in the area.

Hours later, there was a new confrontation in the community of Chavaxtla, in the municipality of Huatusco, between agents of the Civil Force and an armed command, where three alleged criminals died, including a woman.

In the afternoon, in the municipality of Córdoba, the criminals shot at a guardhouse, where they killed two agents of the Municipal Police.

The shooting occurred on the Córdoba-Fortín boulevard, in front of the Shangri-La shopping plaza, which generated panic scenes and the closing of the shops.

At the same time, on the Córdoba-Chocamán state road, at the height of the Los Ceros community, two local officers traveling in a patrol car were ambushed. Both perished.

In more than a decade, the state of Veracruz has been contested by the Los Zetas, del Golfo and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels, which has led to an escalation of violence in the state with thousands of dead and missing.


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