Seven books that will make your child love reading – The Province

Seven books that will make your child love reading - The Province

The first contact with reading is always difficult. And more, for those who must introduce children to the pages of a good book. For the little ones, reading may seem boring and if the right story is not chosen, that feeling could be encyst for life. That's why we present you with a list of 7 books with which, with a bit of luck, your child will end up loving reading.

'Guess how much I love you' (3 years or more)

This small book of no more than 40 pages is perfect for those children who have turned 3 years old. In the pages of this story, your child will begin to understand that measuring feelings is not always as easy as it seems.

'All yawn' (3 years or more)

If your child has trouble sleeping 'All yawn' is the ideal book. It has some very funny illustrations that show different animals yawning. Finally everyone falls asleep, just like your little one.

'Where the monsters live' (4-5 years)

The illustrations in this story will help your child in the complicated transition from drawings to strictly written. The story provokes in the small reader a trip to the imagination that will surely delight the little ones.

'Charlie and the chocolate factory' (6-8 years)

The book by Roald Dahl tells the story of the famous five gold notes hidden in Mr. Wonka's chocolates. Charlie is one of the lucky ones to find one of them and visit the fantastic chocolate factory. From then on, his life will have changed forever. This classic is perfect for those children who are already fluent in reading.

'Momo' (9 years or more)

Momo's story is about the arrival of the gray men who will change the lives of everyone around the little girl. These men promise that first of all, we must save time even that we spend with the most loved. Momo does not fall into the trap and will try to save people from the clutches of gray men, while teaching about everything that makes us happy; the simple things.

'Chronicles of Narnia' (10 years +)

The saga of C.S. Lewis will introduce your child to a fantastic and simple reading. The books begin to be somewhat thicker, almost 200 pages, although we can still find illustrations that will represent what is being read. Although the films started with The lion, the witch and the wardrobe', We recommend that you follow the order that the author of the books later explained.

'Harry Potter' (12 years +)

Once your child easily outgrows the rest of the books that you have provided so far, the saga'HArry Potter can be a good option to continue. The story begins being simple and perfect for someone who is still learning to read but, it takes volume, the difficulty and the number of its pages increases. Thus, your child can enjoy the fantastic adventures of the most famous magician.


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