Seven benefits of the internet that we sometimes forget - La Provincia

InternetIt has become a fundamental tool in people's lives, although its reputation has been blurring over time due to the appearance of inappropriate uses andrisks of new technologies. Even so, there are manyBenefitsthat contribute.

If something has internet it isinformation. As they point out from the Qustodio digital security and welfare platform, "it is the new encyclopedia." Among many other ways to document us, Wikipedia has more than 1.5 million articles only in Spanish, which prevents us from having to go to the physical volumes of the old encyclopedia that used to be around the house, with the advantage, in addition, of that with the press of a button we can access all kinds of information immediately that is always updated.

Internet also allowslearn playing. There are millions of applications for children to learn new things while playing, like Kahoot !, Toovari or Smartick.

Internet, thanks to thedocument digitalization, any file is stored on a web page, platform or electronic device, such as tablets. This means that we no longer have to carry physical books of a hundred pages and about 500 grams on average, which can stay at home.

It also allows us to beself-taught. According to a Google study, the search for explanatory videos and tutorials of this type grows 70 percent every year. This means that more and more people learn to play the guitar or cook a fried egg using the Internet as the only teacher.

But not only does it teach us things, but it improves and accelerates our learning. An experiment by Toshiba and the La Salle Bonanova nursery school in Barcelona offered students laptops to help them with their education.

The result was that 84.6 percent of the students finished the quarter with math grades of 7 or higher compared to 57.7 percent of the class that did not use computers.

The biggest advantage offered by the internet is thatfavors communication, for example, through the 'smartphones'. No matter the place, time or time; It is possible to contact another person. Thus, parents can contact their children at all times, but it also connects us with anyone in the world, whether through social networks, video calls or by email.

And increases thecreativity. The new technologies offer a wide variety of tools that, if used properly, can be of great help to foster creativity and imagination in the little ones. An example of this are 3D printers specially designed for children to design and print their own toys.

As Manuel Bruscas, vice president of Qustodio, points out, "new technologies do not have to be harmful, provided they are used correctly and being aware of their possible risks."

"It is no use banning them, it is best to educate on their proper use to take advantage of all its advantages", says Bruscas.


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