July 29, 2021

Sete Gibernau will compete again with 46 years | sports

Sete Gibernau will compete again with 46 years | sports

Sete Gibernau will compete again with 46 years. The pilot, who He left the motorcycles almost 10 years ago after five seasons in 500cc and another five in MotoGP, Will run next to Pons Racing in the first MotoE World Cup, the new MotoGP electric category, Which will have a grid of 18 pilots, According to the newspaper ACE.

"I never thought that I would participate in a motorcycle championship since I retired permanently, but life always keeps surprises, after 10 years retired and without competing, here I am", says the Catalan in a team statement, in the Thank you to Sito Pons, sports director of the team, "the opportunity" he has given "to have insisted so much" to convince him. "Especially I am very excited to live and pilot this new generation of electric motorcycles and to do my bit to develop it, besides being able to say that I will have piloted the three generations of motorbikes that have gone through the motorcycling world championship. past of the two times, the present of the four times and the future of the electric ones ", affirms the pilot.

"From the moment that Sete accepted the commitment to participate in the MotoE championship, I was certain that he is ready and will do his best", declares Pons, for whom "Electric motorcycles are destined to be the future of motorcycling." Being a completely new category, they wanted "to have an experienced pilot" and do not see "better option than Sete Gibernau", of which Pons highlights "his capacity, his pride and his pride".

The grandson of Francisco Bultó, inventor of the motorcycle brand Bultaco, won two consecutive subchamps in 2003 and 2004 in MotoGP. He is the third Spanish driver confirmed for the grid MotoE after the couple of Ángel Nieto Team of Jorge Martínez Aspar, formed by Valencian Nico Terol and María Herrera of La Mancha.

In the MotoE category, 18 pilots will compete for five European races scheduled for its first edition, all to 10 laps and with celebration on Sundays grand prize. The bike for the nine participating teams will be identical, the Energia Ego, with a power of 136 HP and able to reach 240 kilometers per hour.

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