Service stations are "ready" to apply the new price of gasoline in Ecuador

Service stations are "ready" to apply the new price of gasoline in Ecuador

Service stations in Ecuador are ready to apply the new price of extra gasoline and ecopais announced last week, reported today Oswaldo Erazo, executive secretary of the National Chamber of Distributors of Derivatives of Petróleos del Ecuador (Camddepe).

Although the executive decree indicating an increase of 0.37 cents has been signed since the previous week, it has not yet entered into force because it was not published in the Official Gazette, explained Erazo to Efe.

However, he assured that they are "ready" to apply the new value once they know of its publication in the Official Registry, and stressed that it will apply to all sectors without differentiation.

This is because the Executive has mentioned the possibility of a different price for the taxi transport sector, which has generated uncertainty because the infrastructure of the service stations are not suitable for this.

He pointed out that at the service stations, each gallon of the aforementioned gasolines will be shipped to the national level at $ 1.85 "to everyone", since the technological tools with which they count "do not allow to differentiate the price for the same product", so that the Government should look for a solution.

He noted that initially the government offered to deliver "a compensation of $ 50" per month to each taxi driver.

However, then it was proposed to deliver a quota of 270 gallons per month based on a list not yet disclosed, according to Erazo, who does not see how that fuel can be delivered with a different value.

He considers that the Executive must find a way to apply the mechanism "because they can not be using a private infrastructure to fulfill a government commitment with taxi drivers".

Danilo, a taxi driver from the capital, Quito, told Efe today that they are in "total uncertainty" as they do not have any information on how the differentiated price will be applied and complained about the lack of socialization on the issue.

The decision on the new price of gasoline most consumed came after the subsidy of super gasoline was suspended in August.

The increase in the prices of petrol popular use in the country is part of economic measures announced last week by the Executive, which have generated unrest in organizations such as the Workers Unity Front (FUT), which has convened for tomorrow a protest action

"The workers have called an action on December 27 for the measures announced by the president, Lenin Moreno, because we believe that this is in jeopardy with the country's popular economy," José Villavicencio, president of the FUT and the General Union of Workers of Ecuador (UGTE).

They have also called on their workers' organizations to declare themselves in a permanent assembly, while at the same time they have convened a nationwide convention in the second week of January to analyze among the unions the steps to take next year.

In addition to the reduction in subsidies for extra gasoline and eco-countries, the new budgetary adjustment measures include the elimination of 25,000 public vacancies and a reduction in the salary of senior officials.


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