Serrat offer a concert in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Serrat offer a concert in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Joan Manuel Serrattake the next January 11 their tour 'Mediterrneo da Capo'alGran Canaria Arenafrom the capital of Gran Canaria for a day later to do the same in theSantiago Martn de La Laguna Pavilion(Tenerife), according to the organization.

In this way, the two appointments inCanary Islands, along with the concerts offered in Madrid and Barcelona in April, are the only dates announced by the Catalan artist in Spain so far.

Also, tickets for their performances in the archipelago can be purchased soon through the webwww.tomaticket.comand in the store network ofMarypaz.

In 'Mediterrneo da Capo', Serrat has decided to deploy sails to sail again with his album Mediterrneo (1971) as the axis around which rotates a concert with which the singer-songwriter takes to the sea.

On this trip, review the ten songs of that fundamental LP where jewels like 'Luca',' Those little things ','White town','Paper boat'and the mythical'Mediterranean'will sail along with the best of their amplest repertoire and some musical surprise again.


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