July 29, 2021

Serrat excites the "crazy kids" of a children's home in Buenos Aires

Serrat excites the "crazy kids" of a children's home in Buenos Aires

The Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat moved today with his voice to the children who inhabit the Casa Garrahan in Buenos Aires, a center that provides homes for children who, accompanied by their mothers, must travel to the capital of Argentina from the interior of the country to receive medical treatment.

With a permanent smile and generating expectation at every step, the author of "Lucia", "Those little things" or "Mediterranean" decided to spend the afternoon with the boys and girls who spend their days in the House, in the middle of the extensive tour that is being made by different Argentine cities.

"That within all the suffering that the disease contains and the distance of the places that you want and are habitual for you, you can have a corner that you can feel like your home", said the Catalan interpreter shortly before beginning to sing the song that in 1981 he immortalized his love for the little ones.

With "Esos locos bajitos", and accompanied on the piano by Ricard Miralles, one of his regular musicians, Serrat left with his mouth open to a gathering of adults who grew up with their songs and their children: boys and girls who have just discovered their compositions while fighting against the disease.

Speaking to the press, just after visiting the center's facilities and getting to know its inhabitants first-hand, the singer, 74, acknowledged that "being an artist has many good parts" and one is this.

"I like to come here because it makes me feel better when I leave, I feel good, it's a difficult world, you are in touch with this hard history of childhood diseases and especially with families," he said, convinced that the important thing about their visit is that the children and their families see that someone they usually see "from a screen or at a distance" is there, "close to their daily drama".

Known as "The home away from home", the Garrahan House offers since 1997, free of charge, a home to patients who reside more than 100 kilometers from Buenos Aires and are treated at Elizalde, Garrahan or Gutiérrez pediatric hospitals, while they receive outpatient treatments or await diagnoses of complex diseases that do not require hospitalization.

"We have had a wonderful time, Joan has been a friend of ours for several years and has been visiting us since 2007," Beatriz Resnik, Institutional Relations Coordinator of the center, told Efe, which is supported by the solidarity of the community and various institutions.

Resnik recalled that the collaboration of the singer with the House originated when that year the then press chief of the center, Ana Paunero, sent him, shortly before his death, a letter inviting him to sing to the small patients of the same Hospital first name.

"The following month he was in the hospital playing for all the boys and doctors, a very beautiful bond was established because he is very supportive and very human, then he came 4 more times and the house did not know it (until today)," he recalled.

The Barcelonian, survivor of three cancers, married, with three children and several grandchildren, considered that children are a very sensitive part of life, but remarked to the press that the different stages of the human being are also.

"They also pass through my heart the old grandparents, who live a time of great neglect and neglect on the part of society," he added, to regret that the current are difficult times for solidarity, mainly for "political circumstances."

"Solidarity is not only a value that should be on the rise, but is a situation of humanity and forced compliance," he said.

Consulted by how the boys and girls of the House reacted during his visit to the rooms, before putting the finishing touches on singing, the singer did not hesitate to open up.

"Some with absolute indifference, healthy indifference, others with curiosity and some with boredom … saying again we are going to a picture". But it's like that … the boys have this wonderful naturalness that makes them so adorable, "he concluded.


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