Serra sees “feasible” to stop vaccinating with AstraZeneca and use other vaccines

The professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Luis Serra considers it “feasible” that in the medium term the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine because the rest of vaccines allow “a faster immunization”.

The fundamental problem with the AstraZeneca vaccine “is not its complications but the fact that the second dose must be transferred to 12 weeks” what “delay the speed of vaccination coverage “.

This is a decision that is taken “in the European context and that will be decided according to vaccination policies,” he advanced.

As he recalled, “approximately more than 100,000 doses of Pfizer, also that of Modern, so it is possible that in the term of month or month and a half they will stop vaccinating by AstraZeneca because there is a lot of influx of the rest of vaccines “.

Therefore, he said at the opening ceremony of the first course on Digital Manufacturing, the goal of having 70% of the population vaccinated throughout the summer is “perfectly acceptable”.

As noted “vaccination has not been interrupted at any time in this Holy Week“, which progresses in the 60-65 age group with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the first dose.

The important thing at this time, said the Doctor of Medicine and Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Health, is “to have vaccination doses to supply, because the equipment works correctly and every day, regardless of whether they are holidays or not.”

At Easter “a very good vaccination rate has been followed.”


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