February 26, 2021

Serra is committed to modernizing the ULPGC degrees

Although in the coming weeks he will announce the plan that will accompany him in this journey and the specific projects that they intend to start up, Serra announced that among the measures he plans to implement is that of halving the number of vice-rectorships, to improve the coordination and adjust to the agency’s budget. Along these lines, this team intends to fight against the bureaucracy of internal management, which generates “laziness”. In addition, the need to enhance transparency and participation is raised.

“The student body must be the epicenter of our new ULPGC”, Serra highlighted in the presentation of his candidacy. To do this, he proposed creating degrees that respond to current needs, “initiating a decisive process of modernization and renewal, combining classic degrees with other more innovative”.

Another challenge that Serra’s team intends to face is the renewal of the teaching staff. “We must combine the wisdom of mature teachers with the energy and enthusiasm of the youngest, through a planned procedure to stabilize the teaching staff, recruit our teachers and facilitate an orderly retirement,” explained the candidate. Who pointed out that, in addition, “research excellence must converge with university teaching excellence”.

Illusion, renewal and reasons

With regard to the ULPGC researchers, Serra assures that his team will develop “a clear policy of incentives for research, which provides both the consolidated and emerging teams with material and human resources.” He also highlighted the importance of promoting the internationalization of the institution, looking both towards recognized centers and the traditional niches of Latin America and Africa. “It is necessary to ally with the leaders of the world of knowledge and establish adequate networks with these destinations,” said Serra.

Serra’s team sets itself the challenge of renewing the teaching staff and promoting research


If there is something that worries this platform, it is to improve the social projection of the ULPGC as a reference of knowledge, so that it can once again make the citizens proud, from which the creation of the institution started about 32 years ago. “We must ensure that the university is really involved in the daily problems of the Islands, both social, health or economic,” said the professor in Medicine and director of the University Institute of Biomedical and Health Research of the ULPGC.

Lead change

During the presentation, Serra was supported by the professor of Signal Theory and Communications, Rafael Pérez, and by the professor of Applied Economics, Beatriz González, who agreed to highlight that the candidate – who is also a spokesperson for the committee of experts that advises the Government of the Canary Islands in the fight against Covid-19–, has the right profile to lead the change that the ULPGC needs.

Serra insisted on highlighting the open and dialoguing spirit of his candidacy, which is committed to listening to all the voices of the university community. In addition, he stated that the platform “is permeable to criticism and permanent enrichment, but impervious to foul play, complaints and bad manners.” In that sense, he stressed that the message he wants to give is “positive” and, although he does not win the elections, he aspires to leave a “constructive footprint”.


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