Serious damage to homes and buildings with fallen walls and ceilings in P.Rico

Houses with cracks, collapsed walls, buildings with structures and fallen roofs in the south of Puerto Rico are the consequences of the 6.6 magnitude tremor that was registered on the island on Tuesday, where there is already a deceased person related to the earthquake.

The southwest of the island, the closest point to the epicenter, was where the damage had the most impact, especially in the municipality of Guyanilla, where the Immaculate Conception parish collapsed almost entirely due to the force of the tremor.

An entire wall of the temple and much of the roof came down shortly after the earthquake struck Puerto Rico.

The soil of several parts of the municipality of Guayanilla was also broken by the force of the earthquake, which had strong aftershocks during the first hours of the morning that were felt throughout the island.

Fallen lampposts and debris are also visible in part of the municipality, whose authorities try to launch recovery tasks.

Landslides on the PR-2 road, in the south of the island, caused traffic problems.

In addition, in the neighboring municipality of Guánica, the Agripina Seda school saw how the first two of its floors collapsed causing serious structural damage.

The city of Ponce, the most important in the south of the island, also suffered damage to some of its buildings, from which a large amount of rubble fell.

In Guayanilla, Lajas or Guánica, several houses built on narrow columns - something very common on the island - collapsed, trapping vehicles that were parked below.

A tremor of magnitude 6.6 shook on Tuesday, again, the south of Puerto Rico, after another 5.8 telluric movement was recorded on Monday, as reported by the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (RSPR).

Today's earthquake took place at 4.24 local time (8.24 GMT) and with a depth of 1 kilometer, the RSPR detailed on its website.


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