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Parany (trap) is an illegal method of hunting birds, traditional in the Valencian Community. Esparto rods are installed with glue in the trees. The birds are stuck and fall to the ground where they are topped. Parany is the title of the series of four chapters, of 50 minutes each, set during the republican capital of Valencia. The writer Rodolf Sirera, one of the creators of the successful series Love in troubled times, and screenwriter of the adaptation of The Cathedral of Mar, sign and produce "a thriller with a history of women inside ", directed by Juan Luis Iborra. EL PAÍS attended the filming in the historic center of the city.

It's a holiday in Valencia. There is no traffic and that makes things easier. But the rain threatens a shoot that is already in its final stage. The whole team is ready and looks towards the sky. The decoration of the square began the night before. One of the bombings that Valencia suffered during the war is going to be filmed. Is not easy. Gabo Guerra and David Molina know it well. They have taken care of the photography. Andrew Tarbet, Lorena Lopez, Aina Requena, Lara Salvador, Fabricio Meschini, Rafa Linares, part of the cast of actors, is already made up and characterized for the role. Everyone has got up early. The first rays of sun come out and the public begins to concentrate on the ends of the Plaza de San Nicolás. There are vintage cars destroyed among the ashes and an ambulance with a poster of the CNT. People walk and talk quietly. Nothing presages what will happen. Silence is rolled.

"I like to write, basically I'm a theater author, what happens is that when fiction was made in Spain again, 25 years ago there were no writers and they turned to the people of the cinema and the theater," says Sirera, while attentively watching the final touches of the scene. The shooting of this series is special. It has a sentimental reason. The original story was written in alimón with his brother Josep Lluis. When he died a couple of years ago, Rodolf decided to resume it and use it as the basis for the miniseries, which will be broadcast by À punt, the Valencian public television.

It is also the first time that Sirera is involved in the production. "In other countries it is usual to participate in the management, in Spain no. Intervene in the casting, which is very important, in the selection of decoration, see how the process is generated, "says the author. "This is an exceptional situation and I do not think they give me another opportunity to participate in the execution of a project. I liked the experience, but, mainly, I enjoy writing ", clarifies the author, who has counted on his script writers: Antonia Montaner, Antonio Onetti, Sergio Barrejón and Manel Cubedo. "It closely matches the social reality of that moment. We were very huertanos and the capital of the Republic decisively marked the life of the city throughout all that year, "says Montaner.

"It is the story of an American journalist, somewhat past and cynical, who came to Valencia to cover the war without any interest, because he thinks that this is a savage thing and gives exactly the same, but here he meets a strange woman who he does unusual things, and ends up falling in love with her, "advances Sirera. "At the same time, we have the story of two other women who represent vital attitudes, they are people who suffer from the war situation, but who are also victims of a patriarchal society and react differently. There's a theater actress and a militiaman who has a complicated history and past behind each one, " says its director, Juan Luis Iborra.

The writer Rodolf Sirera.
The writer Rodolf Sirera.

The Valencian tandem Sirera-Iborra works. They want the same. A careful work. That is why it is filmed with a single camera, as in the cinema. Plane to plane. The scenes are repeated as many times as necessary. Everything is reviewed again and again.

Valencia was filled with reporters from around the world, politicians, people of culture, and, also, spies. Parany It is a story of love, espionage and betrayal, which has had a budget of 1.4 million euros. "It's a gift that you get a job like that, it's very grateful. We are telling our story. Everyone was staring here. The fact that several of the protagonists are journalists is very good, because it is their point of view about what was happening, which is reflected in politics, religion, "says Iborra, whose gaze focuses on the characters, on the human history

"They are the ones who are suffering what is going on around them. The war and what happens is the scenery, where they are, and they have to live. I already told the actors the first day, in terms of interpretation, that I wanted a very low tone, it was a time when everyone was afraid, in which the neighbors gave themselves away. The stories happen to them, "he adds, accelerated by the shooting. "It has been a bit difficult to move the era. But Valencia is one of the few cities that still conserves Marvelous abandoned mansions in the center of the city that nobody knows. Houses with everything put. That has made things easier for us, "adds the director of Parany, a Valencian series that has been shot entirely in natural spaces, without decoration.


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