Seriéfila disappointment of the year | TV

Seriéfila disappointment of the year | TV

We want our favorite series never to end. It has a certain logic: it is hard for us to say goodbye and say goodbye to a product that embraced us in bad times or made us laugh if we needed it. It has been our company. We refuse to go back. We never find it enough. Until he stabs you with a dagger, and that longing turns against you.

Then comes the big disappointment, the "I do not love you anymore". It's even hard to recognize. That's what happened this summer with Arrested Development, comedy that until a few months ago I would not blush to place among the best in history. After his fifth season, aired on Netflix, he would have preferred euthanasia.

The seriéfila disappointment of the year

The Mitch Hurwitz comedy released in 2003 was a cult series, even if it was originally broadcast on a traditional open source channel such as Fox. The Bluth family, a dysfunctional clan without a hint of empathy, was loved by critics, but never achieved enough audience. His jokes and references were convoluted and you had to see it several times to understand everything, but that made it different and extremely revisitable. And, between recurring jokes and a structure that inspired many who followed, he assembled a well oiled comic cast: Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera ...

For that reason, after years of claiming it, nobody was surprised that Netfix resuscitated his adventures in 2013. But the best thing would have been the memory. After a fourth season that failed in its structure because they had to fit the now busy actors, the fifth is a futile attempt to repeat the jokes that worked without telling anything new. Try to capture his old genius with metalanguage-filled plots that want to show how smart they are and, while, forget to captivate us, make us interested.

The desperation became palpable from the promotion, with the actors defending the sexual abuses of Tambor while his partner in the fiction cried remembering uncomfortable moments, until the last moment of the eight episodes. It does not even seem like they want to be there anymore. I wanted to laugh like never before. Voice of the narrator Ron Howard: I did not succeed.


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