December 5, 2020

Sergio Ramos's dedication to a child

Sergio Ramos has had a special dedication in his penalty goal at Real Madrid-Eibar. On Twitter, an amateur asked him to dedicate a goal to his brother, who with a retinal detachment will not be able to continue playing football. “Hi SergioRamos, I ask you a few minutes to read this message. I am the sister of a 16-year-old boy from Algeciras (Cádiz) whose name is Jesus, whose life has taken a great turn for a few weeks. A little over a week ago, he was operated on urgently for a detached retina from one eye, from which we hope he will recover as much vision as possible, but that he has broken his dream into pieces that was playing football, since the doctor told him that most likely you have to forget about him and any sport that has minimal contact. He is your number one fan and he is from Madrid to the core since he was born, so I know that a message or video of you giving him courage and strength would help a lot in his recovery process, since although he is a very reserved boy, I know him and I know he's having a really bad time. He deserves the best in the world so hopefully you read this message and fulfill a great dream of my brother in these hard times. ”

The message has come to the defense of Real Madrid, which has dedicated so much to him: “Jesus, I dedicate my goal to you and send you all my encouragement. Do not lower your head, recover well and never lose the illusion. In life there is much more than football. A big hug, partner behind, ”replied the white captain.

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