Sergio Ramos: "We've been five years without Mou … You have to have respect for the current coach" | sports

Sergio Ramos: "We've been five years without Mou ... You have to have respect for the current coach" | sports

The press conference of Sergio Ramos inside the Zayed Sports City Stadium where Saturday Real Madrid will play the final of the Club World Cup against Al Ain (17.30, La1) was one of the hot spots of the relaxed white day in Abu Dabi However, the captain of Real Madrid, which would achieve the third consecutive mundialito would add 20 titles in his file and would be only three of the historic Paco Gento, was held in the midst of an unexpected calm. Smiling, with the lesson learned (came to advance the subject of some questions before listening to them) reviewed the last questions surrounding Madrid at the end of 2018. And of course, the presence of José Mourinho in the environment after his dismissal of Manchester United , was one of the first to appear.

"Do you really think that we are the players who choose the coach? I am nobody to decide that kind of thing," said the white captain, who did not stop there. "We have been without Mou for five years (his time on the bench happened between 2010 and 2013) and we continue talking about Mou because it gives you a lot at the marketing level," he said. "You have to have a respect for the current coach we have, and those we've had before and I'm not going to get into that game," he said. Neither wanted to get wet about whether the Portuguese methodology would be the most effective for a team that has not stopped adding titles since its departure. "Throughout my career I've had a lot of coaches and nobody refuses to do anything, we're always in the business of doing more, they've had all kinds of coaches at Madrid and there are cycles and stages that open and close. We can spend all our life thinking about the same thing, I do not have problems with the coach that comes, I'm the first to take the step forward and put my foot in the mud "

Only in this section decided to enter the rag Ramos, who was especially soft when he was questioned by the last statements of Christian praising the "humility" of the Juventus dressing room. "We have not heard Cristiano talk about Real Madrid, the time he has been here has seen the group that has always been and that has been one of the keys to the success we have achieved. We are very happy that he is doing well. and as it has no impact with our league, we wish the best to the people who have performed at the highest level for our club, "he said.

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