April 18, 2021

Sergio Ramos: "The VAR is fair, I am very much in favor" | sports

Sergio Ramos: "The VAR is fair, I am very much in favor" | sports

He left Marcelo on the bench in favor of Reguilón and the canterano closed all the roads to Correa; he postponed Bale until the second time to start Vinicius and each one in turn was decisive; he kept Lucas for 90 minutes and Pillory He summed up the collectivist values ​​of a team progressively united, dynamic and energetic in all disputes. Santiago Solari did well on his big bets in the Wanda derby, which, if something happens to history, will be for the sorpassothat placed Madrid as second of LaLiga and sent the rival to the third step. Since 1973 Madrid did not pass to Atletico in the classification playing a derby as a visitor.

When the fray ended, without departing from his campaign script, the Stoic Solari did not alter in full revelry. The Madrid coach was asked if he finally felt he owned the bench entrusted to him on October 29 with a "provisional" character -according to the term used in the official statement- and he did not flinch. "The key is the players," he said.

"The team is all of us, but the players in there are the players," said the coach. "Those who make available each match, their physique, their dedication, their heart and their talent are them. The merit falls on the players. The others, the technicians, the doctors, the physios, the fans, we help. "

"It has been a team victory," said the coach. "There is no other way to get something out of this stadium against a very strong and competitive team, in all fields and, above all, in this one. The only way to get something out of here is to do a collective work. It's probably the best match we've made since December. "

Solari valued the defensive order over the harmony in attack. Madrid's machacón game, a reflection of the Atlético game, was never dazzling. Only imposed its superiority to stopped ball and penalty. First, with a scissor of Casemiro, that took advantage of the local blackout in the personal mark (0-1) and then thanks to a maximum penalty after a lack of Giménez on Vinicius that the VAR reviewed long. No take of those distributed to televisions seemed to determine conclusively that the entrance of the station occurred within the area.

Ramos went to catch the ball with all the calm of the world. For a long minute he stood at the penalty spot with the ball under his arm watching the north curve of the stadium while the video judges decided whether the Vinicius knockdown had been inside or outside. At a signal from Estrada Fernández he took a distance, made the Paradinha and adjusted the shot to its natural angle: stuck to the right post of Oblak. "I have taken responsibility for the penalties with a terrible taste," said the captain at BeIN. "It was important to score before the break. Let the streak continue! "

Ramos has 22 penalty goals scored from 24 attempts throughout his career. Only failed two: the Champions League semi-final of 2012 against Bayern and the one that crashed against the stick in Sevilla last season. From the palo del Pizjuán is on a roll. Take 11 of 11.

The referees canceled the goal of Griezmann and Morata for offside and decreed a penalty on Vinicius. The three actions proved difficult to judge at first glance and also on television. The VAR corrected the referees only once: to validate the goal (1-1) of Griezmann. A habitual fact in this League, where the video judges have corrected errors of appreciation that favored Madrid more than any team. Up to 33% of the goals canceled by referees and legalized by the VAR this season are goals received by Madrid.

"Happy for Gareth"

"The VAR is pretty fair; I am very much in favor, "said Ramos, on his way to the dressing room. Madrid's critical discourse on arbitration and the arbitration video, redoubled for weeks after the loss to Real Sociedad, seems a chapter exceeded in the history of this League. Even Ramos, who denounced the alleged incompetence of the VAR a month ago – "is scandalous", he protested – has become favorable to technological assistance as the team regains its competitive tone and stops losing points.

"They pushed us well up and they did us a lot of damage," said Ramos, analyzing the game. "But the game lasts 90 minutes and we have managed to dose wisely to get the victory."

"The League is about to play," the captain concluded. "There are a lot of points left in the game. Any equipment can complicate your life. Rivals with less names have created danger and stolen points in fields where it seemed impossible. Of course we will fight for all competitions. LaLiga motivates us a lot because it is the prize for regularity. "

The round of Solari closed with the goal of Bale, introduced in the game in the minute 59 to replace Vinicius and author of the definitive 1-3 in his first shot: a cross shot. "I'm happy for his goal," said the coach; "Because the match was alive and Gareth finished it off. Every day is better. "

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