April 18, 2021

Sergio Ramos penalty for yellow?

Sergio Ramos penalty for yellow?

The lack, with Madrid winning the game was apparent and logical. He cut a rival counterattack, it made sense. That meant completing the yellow cycle and therefore missing the round and if Madrid passes, get clean to the rooms. Sergio Ramos was asked about the pitch after the match, if he had forced it and denied it naturally. He spoke with the radios and denied it naturally. But then he had an interview with TV and then, maybe tired, clueless or whatever, he escaped: "Seeing the result, I would be lying if I said I did not force it." It is not to underestimate the opponent or to think that the tie has been past, but in football you have to make complicated decisions. "

And then all the alarms sounded. You could not say that because UEFA is tough with who forces the yellow. Instead of a penalty game, you fall two. And the UEFA sanction does not depend on the referee but on the delegate of the organization in the meeting, who writes the minutes, maybe even the next day and listening to the interviews. That is to say, if he puts it in that act, it is likely that Ramos will get two punishment matches: the return to Ajax would be lost and if Madrid passes now it has the result in favor, also the first leg of the quarter-finals. final.

The captain immediately reacted on Twitter: "I want to make it clear that it hurts more than anyone, that I have not forced the card, as I did against Roma in my previous game of @ Champion League, and that I will support from the stands as a fan more with the illusion of being in the quarter, "he wrote in his account. Madrid is waiting.


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