Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Sergio Ramos is injured and will be three weeks off

Sergio Ramos is injured and will be three weeks off

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Real Madrid just announced that Sergio Ramos is injured and is going to miss the next games of the white team. "After the tests carried out today by our player for the Medical Services, he has been diagnosed with a grade I lesion in the left soleus, which is still pending," says the medical report, which must be added that this type of muscular injuries usually requires between three and four weeks to heal.

The captain is also the player who plays the most every season and it was strange not to see him on the pitch in the last day of the League against Eibar. He was left out of the call due to some physical discomfort that finally and after the tests have resulted in a muscle break.

Zidane does not usually risk with any of his players, but less is going to do it with the season completely finished and without titles at stake. Ramos goes to rest and has recovered without haste.


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