Sergio Ramos blames and holds the Sánchez Government responsible for the situation in the Canary Islands with immigration

Photo of Senator Sergio Ramos. / c7

The PP senator invites the Secretary of State for Security to meet with the residents of La Isleta and Tafira to "learn, first-hand, the real problems reported by their residents"

The Popular Party senator for Gran Canaria, Sergio Ramos, has denounced the
"inaction" of the Government of Spain in the face of the situation in the Canary Islands in the face of "one of the most serious migratory crises in recent years, which continues without answers from the central Executive."

This was stated today by Ramos in his speech at the Senate Interior Committee, during the appearance of the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez Ruiz.

“In the last 15 days, 24 boats with
1059 immigrants on board, and 30 people have lost their lives on the so-called Canarian Route, in his attempt to achieve a better future. Figures that should blush this Government and those who have the responsibility of establishing effective migration policies to alleviate and put an end to the social and humanitarian drama that irregular immigration represents”, said Sergio Ramos.

"These are data -continued the popular representative- that coincide in time with the unfortunate statements of the ministers Marlaska and Albares, assuring without shame that the situation has improved, that it is being solved".

In this regard, Ramos assured, addressing the Secretary of State for Security, that «
this government has its shame intact because it has never used it. You have failed in terms of immigration policy, recognize that you have been wrong, "he said.

“This Government maintains that everything is going better in a week in which there is a leak of
two0 immigrants from the Internment Center for Foreigners (CIE) from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Can you give us an explanation today about this fact? To date, neither his Ministry nor the Government Delegation have given a single explanation in this regard. Does it seem normal to you?” Ramos added.

«You have remained impassive in these last two and a half years, with your back to reality, absent from the Canary Islands. The ignorance of this Government about what concerns and affects the Archipelago is infinite. I make them responsible and guilty of what happens in the Islands with irregular immigration.

During his presentation, Sergio Ramos questioned the recent trip to Morocco by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and asked if "it has served any purpose".
“You attended that meeting, qualified by the high-level government itself. But, unfortunately, the term high can only be used to refer to the high numbers of migrants arriving on our shores and those who have died at sea. This Executive is solely responsible for what has been happening in the Canary Islands for more than two and a half years, and until now they have not moved a single finger.

In this sense, Sergio Ramos insisted that
«The Canary Islands are beginning to be fed up with the laziness and lies of Sánchez and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior to end the migration crisis. They don't know reality, and they don't care either; because for this Government, the Canary Islands are very far away, not only geographically, but also in their agenda of priorities».

«Does the Isleta neighborhood ring a bell? Are you aware of the problems that exist in this area of ​​the capital of Gran Canaria with immigrants spending the night on the streets? Does the neighborhood of Tafira or the municipality of Santa Brígida ring a bell? Are you aware of the altercations that occur day after day and that are constantly reported by your residents?” Ramos asked.

“Call the Tafira-Bandama Neighborhood Association and let them tell you. A very complicated situation that you should already be aware of through the recent report prepared by the Ombudsman », he insisted.

On the other hand, the popular senator demanded the urgent installation of the radar of the Exterior Surveillance System (SIVE) in the north of Lanzarote, "an essential tool to reduce the continuous arrivals of boats to our coasts and the thousands of deaths of immigrants in the sea, another of the pending subjects of this Government”, he assured.

Finally, Ramos also demanded that the National Police and Civil Guard be provided with the necessary human and material resources so that they can carry out their functions.
«at the height of the circumstances, taking into account the reality of the migration crisis. It is inconceivable that they have also abandoned those who work every day to guarantee citizen security," he concluded.

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