Sergio Ramos' answer to whether he feels persecuted by the referees

The captain of Real Madrid reaffirmed as to Hernández Hernández's attitude towards him

After the game against Levante, Sergio Ramos complained about Hernández Hernández's attitude towards him personally. He said he felt there must be something personal, because the referee did not allow even dialogue with the captain, something common in football. He also regretted seeing a yellow one in the 10th minute and being conditioned since then when he had been the one who had received an elbow and a stomp. After this, they asked the defense if he feels persecuted by the members:

“Persecuted, no. What is certain is that philosophy at arbitration level in Europe is different. Perhaps they are more permissive in some things in the Champions League. I have always tried to take care of my relationship with the referees and I have a good relationship with almost everyone. The last game, which I think is something personal, is a different chapter, "acknowledged the Sevillian, who reaffirmed in the attitude of Hernández Hernández in the Ciutat de Valencia.


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