April 16, 2021

Sergio García: "The shitty caddies who do not know how to fix the bunkers!" | sports

Sergio García: "The shitty caddies who do not know how to fix the bunkers!" | sports

"The mother who bore them all now, man! Fucking shit! Fuck, the fucking caddies who do not know how to fix the bunkers! To take for ass! ". Sergio Garcia's fury day at Saudi International was not only on Saturday, when it was disqualified from the tournament for "serious misconduct" by intentionally damaging several greens, apparently shuffling. One day earlier, on Friday, the Castellón golfer was angry with a bunker. When giving a bad blow to the green, Garcia kicked with the stick the sand with violence and then dragged it removing the ground more. Then, as he left the bunker, his exclamations and insults came to the caddies.

Garcia's reaction, picked up on video, was the preview of his behavior of the next round on the greens. If on Friday his enormous anger and caught the attention of his fellow players, on Saturday his trampling were subject to the complaints of golfers who came to the pits behind him and found the ground in poor condition on more than one occasion . The damage was recorded in images by the Spanish referee Federico Páez. At the end of the round, the tournament director waited for Garcia when he handed over his card and explained the facts and consequences. It was excluded, an unprecedented decision for this reason in the European circuit.

"In frustration, I damaged a couple of greens, so I apologize. I have told my colleagues that it will never happen again … It has been a complicated week. Nothing is coming out and the field is not helping … Sometimes you lose your head and then you realize what you have done. What this week is not something that makes me proud. We are all human and we make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them, "said Garcia, 39, while admitting he would not return to Arabia in a good period of time.

There will be no further sanctions on the part of the circuit, but it increases the feeling that something is happening to the Child to reach these furious reactions. Since Tuesday, two days before the trial began in Saudi Arabia, his behavior was peppered with constant complaints. Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño, who played the tournament and verified what had happened on Saturday with the greens, spoke with him "as a friend" to tell him that he had exceeded a limit. The rest of the Spaniards in Arabia (Jorge Campillo, Adrián Otaegui and Pablo Larrazabal) were also surprised and lamented that incendiary version of Sergio García that has emerged more than the account in recent months.

Although he defines himself as a hot-blooded golfer, Castellón's outings on and off the pitch have been repeated since he won the title. Augusta Masters of 2017, his first big one Throwing sticks into the air or hitting them with the stock market, rebuffs and bad responses to the Spanish press, a negative record in a hole in Augusta … a spiral of self-destruction that seemed to have left in the Ryder Cup of Paris, when his great contribution to the triumph of Europe, after attending as a guest, he added becoming the highest scorer in the history of the tournament: 25.5 points, ahead of Nick Faldo. But it has been to start the course and go back to the old ways, not even calm because his brother Victor brings him the bag of sticks. In Arabia, its most extreme version was seen.

The question seemed buried, but it is repeated. What's wrong with Sergio García?

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