April 11, 2021

Sergio García retains the European title of the super welterweight

Sergio García retains the European title of the super welterweight

When a boxer unanimously wins a European championship in "opposite camp" it is that his superiority has been evident. And that's what Sergio García has done when he defeated Briton Ted Cheeseman at the O2 Arena in London. The Torrelavega fighter defended the European title of the super welterweight achieved in his city at the end of September and did so by proving that he is a true champion.

Cheeseman made him work throughout the fight, without giving him a minute's respite, perhaps convinced that the Spaniard's physical resistance would fall apart in the second half of the fight. But Sergio showed that he has enough weapons, physical and technical, to command the ring. The Cantabrian has an extraordinary facility to recover pounds after weighing. Seven or eight recognizes that he usually wins once the ceremony of climbing the scale is over. That does not lose power. In addition, moves with agility on the ring. And, despite being the champion, he had no problem in showing ambition to a patient aspirant.

The Briton was losing speed as the fight progressed. And his guard, impeccable in the first assaults, always up to avoid the blows of the champion, was opened. Already in the fifth round he received a Sergio Garcia right that made him bleed for the rest of the fight. In the corner of the British tried to close the wound between assault and assault. In the Cantabrian they only asked him not to relax.

And did not do it. As the tiredness relaxed the guard of the aspirant, Sergio's hands began to enter more frequently. The passage of time made Cheeseman also relax the concern for orthodoxy and attack more desperately. But the champion was just as bright in the dodge that in the beating and the blows of the Brit cost them land in the body of the champion.

In the last round, Cheeseman tried to corner him on the ropes, but the Spaniard escaped with the same ease with which he had dodged most of his opponent's shots throughout the fight. The champion's superiority had been growing as the fight progressed. And this was reflected in the referees' notes. 119-110 were the scores of two of them. The third saw a tighter combat (115-114), but all saw the winner of the Spanish, which retains the European title by unanimous decision. Sergio was not afraid before the fight to defend his championship on the opposite terrain. He felt more comfortable, with less pressure than if he had to play at home again. And he showed that it was not just a way to scare the nerves. But I was not alone. Some of his followers, in addition to his partner, had moved to London to see him. And after the fight I still had the humor to wish them that they had won "a lot of money in betting".


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