April 22, 2021

Sergio García defends the European title of the super welterweight

Sergio García defends the European title of the super welterweight

Sergio García (Torrelavega, 1992) defends Saturday 2 February before the cameras of Eurosport 2 (from 20:30) his European title of the super welterweight. His rival, the British Ted Cheeseman, competes at home, at the O2 Arena in London, but that data does not scare the Spanish. Nor his record of 15 bouts and 15 wins, 9 of them by KO. "Going into the ring is a danger and you have to be attentive", recognizes the Cantabrian boxer calmly.

The European title was achieved at the end of September in Torrelavega, but everything else was adverse conditions. They changed him from rival to ten days of the fight, but that did not get to decentralize him, the work was done. Even he considers that fighting in his terrain added an extraordinary pressure that has now been released. He arrived in London on Tuesday to continue the combat preparation routine. And once overcome the weighing and the sufferings of the diet, the worst is already overcome. "You have to deprive yourself of eating and drinking and what you are prohibited from doing is always what costs you the most," he acknowledges. Luckily for him, he has no difficulty in regaining weight. "It can be seven or eight kilos," he says. A positive fact, which allows him not to lose power of hitting – he has won 13 of his 28 fights by KO-, although it is better not to pass so as not to lose agility. "You can also take ten kilos and feel very heavy," he says.

After winning the European Championship was included in the IBF lists that establish in its category. A step that opens the first door to think about a future in facing the possibility of fighting for the World Cup. But Sergio prefers to go little by little and not think about what may come next. "The first thing I want to do is this fight. Then, let whatever comes, let it all go well as we want and as we hope and then look more to the horizon. But now I do not want to be aware of more things, "he explains. "It's not that I do not see myself in the United States or anywhere else, it's the place where it's your turn, where the rival or the promoter who organizes the fight is, it could be the United States, England, as in this case, tomorrow it can be Germany. I do not see any specific place, we will move where there are good fights, "he adds.

For the time being, he has managed to get the city council to put his name to a sports complex. He approved it after his triumph in the European Championship and is now awaiting inauguration. But there, in Torrelavega, it remains the same. "People recognize you because it's a town, a small city, but no more," he says. Something similar to what happens with Óscar Freire, to which his three golds in the cycling world championship does not prevent him from continuing to make normal life in his land.

For the moment, Sergio has already passed the hardest, the previous moments until weighing. "It always gets long until it arrives, but once you weigh yourself you do not care," he confesses.


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