September leaves YouTube wanting to learn and have more fun | Innovation

September leaves YouTube wanting to learn and have more fun | Innovation

We enter October and we still perceive the month of September as the last recess of the holidays. However, it has also served as a time to start new projects with personal goals and challenges, to continue others that we already had started … In short, to decide if we are going to remain the same after the summer or consider a radical change. That feeling of renewal, of searching for something new, can be seen in YouTube Ads Leaderboard of the month of September.

First of all, there is a classic of these first positions: the videos with reflections on the formation and education of Lets learn together, initiative of BBVA. In this new installment, the psychologist María Jesús Álava Reyes affirms that it is not enough to love children, you also have to believe in them. The channel bets, as always, for a double format; a five-minute teaser and the full interview lasting almost an hour. The success is understandable when we see that every day they are consumed more than 500 million videos related to learning.

Next it appears Dodot Spain with an emotional story about one of their social initiatives. Under the hashtag #small wrestlers the brand dedicates the minute its advertisement lasts to pay tribute to premature babies and their families. Adding to this the initiative to create and donate 'the smallest diapers ever made'. This second position is another proof of the strength of emotional advertising when there is a good story behind it.

When it comes to building a brand image, our advertising is a fundamental issue. Yes, as is the case Yoigo, we bet from the beginning to be carefree and focus on a young client, the possibilities of creativity multiply. So, for example, bet on the music of Aslándticos with the creation of the single Infinite in collaboration with the operator, has placed them in third place in this ranking, in addition to turning the song into a success. A summer song for a month in which 68% of users search for music on the Google platform when they feel nostalgic.

Music is also one of the central components of the creation of Cougar. In this case, the sports brand joins Afrojuice 195 already Yung Beef to present your New Levels. The song is joined by a video clip aesthetic that uses humor and parody of other ads, with football as a center to entertain viewers. Although the two minutes that the video lasts serve as a presentation to a musical collaboration that will arrive soon.

The ranking closes with the milanuncios spot that, in 20 seconds, shows us a dilemma that we have all faced: getting rid of an object that we do not use or save it just in case. It does it through a big green monster that makes the product more enjoyable and entertaining.

"If there is something that stands out in the ranking this month is creativity. There is no doubt that the brands have been able to take advantage of the great versatility in YouTube video formats, together with the creative touch in the way of telling it, to achieve a different, impressive and attractive message for the user. It's campaigns like these that make YouTube the perfect setting to create quality content while building brand image, "says Silvia Velasco Praga, Director of Agencies and Branding at Google Spain.

YouTube Ads Leaderboard. September 2018

one. "It is not enough to love children, you also have to believe in them". María Jesús Álava, psychologist

  • Brand: We learn together, BBVA
  • Creative agency: Wink

two. Dodot. #small wrestlers

  • Brand: Dodot Spain
  • Media agency: Carat

3. Aslándticos ∞ INFINITO

  • Brand: We learn Yoigo
  • Media agency: Blue449

Four. The Uprising of Afrojuice 195 x PUMA #NewLevels

  • Brand: PUMA
  • Creative agency: Helsinki Studio
  • Media Agency: Blue449 (via 'The Viral Lab')

5. Do not keep it "just in case" · Elliptical

  • Brand: Milanuncios
  • Creative agency: Double You
  • Media agency: Wink

YouTube, where users and brands can co-create

YouTube is, for more than 10 years, a platform in which users can share passions, discover new hobbies, demonstrate talents and encourage new ideas. This is shown by a study of Flamingo on the Google platform. In the 13 years since its inception, Google's video platform has grown to over one billion users, who reproduce an unimaginable amount of content per day.

According to the study, one of the reasons for this success is that it has democratized the creative process, leaving a space for everyone who wants to participate. If we think about the different types of videos, as well as the topics they deal with, the list would approach the infinite: from tutorials to analysis, from geopolitics to compilations of falls or jokes.

This continuous creation can be a great ally of brands. If an active listening is proposed, we can know better than ever what our client wants. It is not about trying to create the next viral video, but to build a story with which our potential buyer is satisfied.


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