April 11, 2021

Seprona detects almost 7,000 irregular microchips in dogs

The Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of the Region of Murcia has detected almost 7,000 irregular devices in dogs in the Community in its investigation into the alleged fraud of microchips in which there are three veterinarians investigated Although most of these chips, some 6,100 have passed through the hands of a single doctor, as indicated by LA RAZÓN the head of the Seprona in the Region, José Antonio Fernández.

During the Civil Guard investigation over a range of dates between 2005 and 2017 “Certain irregularities have been observed in the work they were doing and diligence has been instructed for the alleged crimes of documentary falsification and fraud.” These proceedings were referred to the Court of Instruction of Molina de Segura, “and we are waiting to receive guidelines from the judicial body to continue the investigation.”

This newspaper has uncovered with the official documents of the SIAMU, the registration of the College of Veterinarians, a series of irregularities in the canine microchips such as a large volume implanted in dogs but not discharged in the SIAMU, devices “placed” on animals long before birth, pets registered in the name of protectors that no longer existed, chips registered in the Veterinary College register ten years after being placed in dogs, all done by the same veterinarian, Ana Martínez Ferra, as stated in the SIAMU, the main doctor investigated by the Court.

According to Fernández, who has personally taken charge of the investigation, in addition to the aforementioned irregularities, during the process also “animal identification cards were detected that had not been handed over to their owners or microchips registered in the SIAMU registry but never implanted in any animal” For all these actions, three people were investigated, three doctors who practice their profession in the Region.

“We have been investigating that Almost 6,200 microchips had passed through one of those veterinarians, the others less. Another person, one hundred and one, the other was not significant, ”says the head of Seprona.

In addition, the Civil Guard has discovered that even Animal identification devices have been put in the name of people living abroad and that they have no relationship with chipados dogs.

Another relevant fact of these irregularities is that “five protectors or people have the most burden of microchips registered in your name. “

And the problem is not only that there are many dogs that are not put in the name of their true owners, with the consequent problem if they are lost since there is no way to locate them, but also people have appeared who unknowingly “have registered dogs that they didn’t have”.

As a result of this newspaper uncovering the alleged fraud of the microchips, numerous citizens have come to SIAMU to check the data of their dogs and have been surprised that they were not in his name. But there are also those who have discovered that with their data there are several registered dogs that are not yours and has come to report the situation.

All these irregularities have been found by the Nature Protection Service “through analysis of the data that we have been obtaining on the research. The complaints have been few, it has been more for our performance ”

At this time the investigation is still open, the Civil Guard has been calling one by one to the people who had more loads of animals, and before the appearance of any new evidence “we investigated it and made it known to the Court,” says José Antonio Fernandez Until now “the alleged crimes have been committed in the Region. We have not found anything that indicates that these irregularities are occurring in other autonomous communities ”, It indicates, but what if there are affected owners from outside that have acquired their dog in the Region of Murcia, so the alleged chip fraud may involve bordering communities, such as Valencia, Andalusia or Castilla-La Mancha.


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