October 28, 2020

Sepla denounces that Ryanair forces its Girona pilots to sign illegal contracts – La Provincia

TheSpanish Union of Airline Pilots(Sepla) has denounced this Friday thatRyanairhas forced the pilots located at the base ofGironato sign contracts “that contradict what is established in current Spanish legislation”.

According to the union, a report of the Labor Inspectorate has found that the new contracts signed by both cabin crew and pilots of the base ofRyanairin Girona “they do not conform to the national legislation in force “.

The report includes the various irregularities that “seriously” affect labor aspects of the company’s workers, and to which both cabin crew and pilots are subjected when signing the new labor contracts provided by the airline.

During the negotiation of the ERE – which would initially affect the bases ofGirona, Gran Canaria, Tenerife South and Lanzarote-, Ryanair made a proposal that conditioned not to close the base of Girona, leaving it as a seasonal base and with theconversion of staff contracts to discontinuous fixed, in exchange for the unions accepting the conditions of the ERE for the rest of the workers affected, in terms of legal minimums.

Sepla has denounced that the company intends that Girona-based pilots become “itinerant workers” according to the Labor Inspectorate.

The“accused salary cuts”The workers of Girona would not have to face either, according to the Labor Inspectorate with the legal minimums, since the guaranteed compensationwould be below the Minimum Interprofessional Salary(SMI).

“Ryanair forced the pilots to sign these types of contracts, taking advantage that the workers’ representatives were not aware of these contractual modifications, with the aim of taking advantage of the state of pressure to which they were being subjected,” the union criticized .

In addition, the airline has demanded thelabor exclusivityto these workers and intends to force its employees in Girona to pass the sanitary controls when it deems it necessary, being able to relieve the worker of their position once the results are known.


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