Sepla asks for guarantees to maintain production in exchange for canceling the six strikes this month

Sepla asks for guarantees to maintain production in exchange for canceling the six strikes this month


The Air Nostrum pilots represented by Sepla have offered the company to sign a "Formula that guarantees production" to the group that limits itself to regulate outsourcing. In return, this would mean the immediate withdrawal of the six days of strike for days 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24 April.

In a statement, the Sepla has indicated that the formula proposed «Limits itself to regulate outsourcing to guarantee the production of the pilots ». From the Sepla, they have indicated that «Air Nostrum has rejected it, showing signs of not wanting to end this conflict that has been open for almost two years».

The union has clarified that «Outsourcing is the only reason that justifies this strike, what can be demonstrated by taking a look at the newspaper library ». For almost two years, Sepla has spoken "against a policy that seeks reduce the size of the activity of the company by diverting flights and production of Air Nostrum to other companies, curiously of the same owners ». "It is clear that the consequences of this practice would fall directly on the jobs of Air Nostrum," they added.

Since the union have indicated that two years ago, the owners of Air Nostrum have created a business conglomerate called ILAI, with different business branches. The air division is composed of three airlines; the Maltese MedOps, the Irish Hibernian and the Air Nostrum itself.

«Since the birth of ILAI, the owners of Air Nostrum are taking planes from this Spanish airline to the other companies of the group, which in practice has reduced the Air Nostrum fleet in eight aircraft with respect to two years ago », they added.

Therefore, the Sepla does not accept being accused of carrying out a strike for reasons that have nothing to do with reality. The negotiation of the agreement continues normally to date on the part of the union. «It is the Air Nostrum itself that has tried to link outsourcing to the collective agreement of pilots, conditioning a pact on outsourcing to the signature by Sepla of a collective agreement very downward, which would place the pilots of Air Nostrum far below the current market conditions », has denounced the union.

Criticism against the "blackmail" of management

For the union, the "blackmail" of the company is "unacceptable". «Especially when Sepla has offered to call off the strike if an agreement is signed that regulates the limits to the deviation of theAir Nostrum production or an engagement that guarantees such production, "he added.

The Sepla has asked Air Nostrum to «Keep the negotiation of the agreement out of this conflictor, and that it fulfills what was agreed in the past with its pilots on the regulation of outsourcing to establish in the company the social peace that it says it wants ».

«If Air Nostrum still refuses to sign a pact about production, you will be planting more than reasonable doubts about the future you want for your company, its viability and even its survival ", he added.


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