Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Seoul recalls "comfort women" amidst tensions with Tokyo

The Government of South Korea today organized a series of acts in tribute to the "comfort women" forced to work in brothels by the Japanese Imperial Army, amid the escalation of diplomatic and commercial tensions with Tokyo.

This is the second time that Seoul commemorates International Women's Comfort Day, a celebration approved by the South Korean Executive in 2018 and refers to the euphemistic term used for women victims of such abuses before and during World War II.

The central event took place in the Kim Koo library and museum in the South Korean capital and was attended by about 300 attendees, including government representatives and former "sex slaves" – as Seoul calls them – who intervened in it.

At the same time, various symposia, exhibitions and concentrations are held both in the capital and in the rest of the country, and a new statue will be inaugurated that symbolizes these women in Namsan Park in Seoul.

It is believed that up to 200,000 Asian women, mostly Korean and many minors, were forced to work in brothels of the Imperial Army before and during World War II.

Hence the term "sex slaves", which Tokyo has rejected with increasing firmness since the current South Korean liberal government decided to invalidate a bilateral agreement signed in 2015 with the previous Executive.

Japan considered the matter settled with that pact, which included more than $ 8 million in compensation to the victims, but Seoul considered that the agreement had not taken into account the views of those affected.

This disagreement subsequently worsened with a series of judicial decisions that ordered Japanese companies to compensate South Korean workers enslaved during World War II, and to which Tokyo responded with trade restrictions that have also been replicated by Seoul.

The events of this Wednesday in South Korea take place the day before the country celebrates Liberation Day, which marks the end of the Japanese colonial era (1910-1915) and for which mass demonstrations have been called against the Neighbor country for this series of disputes.

Japan, meanwhile, celebrates on Thursday the 75th anniversary of his surrender at the end of World War II, and as every year he will pay tribute to those killed in combat at a memorial organized in Tokyo and in which the interventions of the prime minister are planned Shinzo Abe and Emperor Naruhito.

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