March 9, 2021

Seo / Birdlife believes that "a decade" remains to act against climate change

The executive director of Seo / Birdlife, Asunción Ruiz, has warned that it is "a decade" to act against climate change and its effects, which "are already here", and has called for legal security for companies to implement renewable energy that are "responsible with biodiversity".

"Do not let young people put on a red face because we were wrong again, we have a decade to act and we can not forget biodiversity, because it is the only way to give citizens wings," he stressed.

Ruiz spoke this way during a round table on sustainability on Tuesday, during which he participated in a course organized by Viesgo at the Menéndez Pelayo International University in Santander, where he defended that there is an "exciting and exciting" agenda.

To comply with the guidelines set on climate change, has argued that it is necessary that this "social agenda is a reality" and has warned that this will not be possible without a "well understood" energy transition. "I'm nothing pessimistic, just the opposite," he added.

Ruiz has called for everyone to be "much more responsible" and has demanded the administrations to plan maps that allow knowing the spaces suitable for the implementation of wind or photovoltaic plants, because "they are their duties".

"It is important that not only the State has its Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, but that all the autonomous communities of the country have theirs," he said. At the same time, he has advocated that these plans include the municipalities because that in the efficiency will play "a fundamental role" self-consumption.

In addition, he has requested a strategic environmental assessment for these plans, so that when companies invest in a place "do not have political problems".

The executive director of SEO / Birdlife has also insisted on "prioritizing efficiency and reducing energy expenditure". "The most efficient energy is that which is not even consumed," he emphasized.

"We need an energy transition, effectively, but really psychological so that we have a future Renewables are not enough in themselves, but they need a second surname, and that is to be responsible with biodiversity," he said.

Ruiz has pointed out that "the social cry should be one more degree, not one less" and, therefore, has insisted that "it is urgent" to act.

The director of the Chair of Energy Sustainability of the University of Barcelona, ​​María Teresa Costa, and the head of the Enterprise and Climate Foundation, Elvira Carles, who has considered climate change "the worst enemy of humanity", also took the floor. and has warned of some of its consequences.

Specifically, he pointed out that Spain already has autochthonous dengue and malaria, which – he explained – means that the mosquito that transmits it has been born, developed and infected in the country.

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