February 25, 2021

Sentences of up to 11 years for members of the slavery network in the United Kingdom

Eight members of a slavery network operating in the United Kingdom have been sentenced to up to 11 years in prison after trafficking more than 400 victims from Poland, British police said on Friday.

The group of criminals tricked "vulnerable" people, whom they captured in Poland, to come to the United Kingdom with the promise of a job and better living conditions.

Once in this country, they forced them to live crowded in rat-infested and in deplorable state housing and controlled their bank accounts, salaries and all their movements.

The eight traffickers – five men and three women – are, according to the police, members and accomplices of two Polish families of criminals and have been convicted of different crimes of slavery, human trafficking and money laundering during the holding of two trials.

Of those eight individuals, five have already been imprisoned and the other three are still waiting to hear their sentence.

The slavery network, which managed to earn 2 million pounds (2.22 million euros) with its illegal operations, collapsed when two of its victims managed to flee their captors in 2015 and reported their experiences to the organization against slavery. "Hope For Justice".

At the time of recruiting their victims, their targets were always desperate people, among them some homeless, express or alcoholics, who were transported to this country in buses.

In the United Kingdom they distributed them in homes with very poor health conditions, where they had to sleep on mattresses sharing a room with three other people, according to some victims told the police.

Among the jobs assigned to them, they were forced to perform marathon work days at rubbish recycling centers, farms or turkey meat processing factories, for which they were barely "paid" 20 pounds (22 euros) a week, withholding the bulk of their salaries.

The West Midlands police chief inspector, Nick Dale, told British media today that they are facing "the largest conspiracy of this type" detected in the United Kingdom.

The victims were "trapped" and subsequently "systematically coerced" to work for the group, he said.

Those recruited in Poland were people who "really needed the job, because they were in a position in life that they needed to get out of," Dale said, adding that "in some cases, they were desperate for money to pay for medical care. urgent for relatives ".

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