May 11, 2021

Sentenced the Italian senator who compared the Minister of Integration with an "orangutan"

Sentenced the Italian senator who compared the Minister of Integration with an "orangutan"

The Italian Justice condemned today to 18 months of jail to the senator of the extreme right-wing Liga Roberto Calderoli to compare in 2013 to the Minister of Integration, Cécile Kyenge, original of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with an "orangutan".

The Court of Bergamo (north) issued that ruling, although Calderoli will not have to enter prison because the sentence has been suspended.

Calderoli made this comparison about Kyenge, the only black holder of the Executive of Enrico Letta, in July 2013, during an act of his party in Treviglio (northern Italy).

"I console myself when I browse the Internet and see government photographs, I love animals, bears and wolves as it is known, but when I see the images of Kyenge I can not stop thinking, although I do not say it is, in the orangutan factions, "said then who was minister of the last government of Silvio Berlusconi.

The words caused a great controversy among the political class and Calderoli had to ask pardon in the Parliament and recognize that he committed "a foolishness", something that he justified arguing that he had allowed himself to be carried away by the impetus of the meeting.

Kyenge has celebrated the decision in the social networks and has indicated that, "although the sentence has been suspended, it is a brave condemnation for all those who fight against racism".

Calderoli had to present his resignation as minister in 2006, after the controversy that broke out as a result of a shirt that was put on offense to Islam.


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