Sentence of 7 years in prison for assaulting the home of Dr. Frade's father

Sentence of 7 years in prison for assaulting the home of Dr. Frade's father

The Audiencia of Madrid has sentenced to seven years in prison the two men who assaulted, pretending to be technicians of the Treasury, the house of the father of the doctor Ignacio Frade -whose testimony reopened the Meño case-, in which they kept the old man, a employed and the doctor, whom they also attacked.

In the sentence, to which Efe has had access, the Second Section of the Hearing has imposed this sentence on Juan de Dios R.G. and to Juan José M.P. for the crimes of robbery with violence and injuries, compared to the nine years and nine months that the Prosecutor's Office requested.

The Chamber has also sentenced them to compensate the doctor (his father died) with 13,500 euros, and the employee with 15,000 euros, for the injuries and sequelae caused.

However, he has acquitted them of a crime of illegal detention because the time they kept the father of the doctor and his employee was only necessary for the commission of the robberies, and because the provision in which they left the victims to flee was appropriate " to be released soon. "

It was on April 11, 2016 when the accused assaulted the home of the father of plastic surgeon Ignacio Frade, who rose to fame because his testimony managed to reopen the case of Antonio Meño, a young man who underwent a rhinoplasty in 1989 after which he remained 23 years in a vegetative state until he died.

For this, they passed themselves off as finance officials and managed to enter Frade's home. There, according to the court, the doctor's father and his employee were tied hand and foot and asked for the keys of the doctor's safe and documentation of the Treasury.

They did it "in common agreement" and "with the intention of making a profit", says the sentence, and although in the trial Dr. Frade himself insisted that behind them could hide a third party, the intellectual author of the crime, who never identified himself.

"We all know who that third person is," said the doctor, who added that this person would be the one who would have provided some information to the "assassins who could not otherwise know."

The accused, not finding the documents, remained in the house until the arrival of Ignacio Frade, who was beaten, left unconscious and also tied up.

In the assault, they stole personal family documents and two mobile phones.

The sentence recalls that the doctor suffered injuries to the skull, bruises on the arms and several bruises, while the maid suffered a state of acute anxiety "with disorientation and loss of sense of reality", in addition to bruises on both wrists, ankles and in the jaws.

At the trial, both defendants acknowledged the facts, said they did so "without malice" and his defense requested the mitigation of "late confession", but the Chamber has rejected it on the understanding that said confession did not help to clarify the suspicions based on whether there were other people involved or not in the events.

Nor does he appreciate the alleviation of drug addiction, requested by the lawyer of Juan de Dios R.G. because in this case, the consumption of drugs was not the "trigger element of the crime".

And he rejects the request of the Office of the Prosecutor and of the private accusation, exercised by Dr. Frade, to apply the aggravating circumstance of recidivism based on a previous conviction for illegal possession of weapons.


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