October 25, 2020

Senior officials criticize the appointment of 23 CEOs for not being public employees




The Federation of Higher Bodies of the Administration (Fedeca) on Wednesday expressed its “discomfort” at the decision of the Government to exempt the holders of 23 general directorates from the obligation to be civil servants, according to a statement.

The BOE has published on Wednesday a royal decree with the basic organizational structure of the ministerial departments that establishes, in its seventh additional provision, that it will not be necessary for the holders of certain general directorates “Hold the status of official”.

Among these general directions are those of Communication, Diplomacy and Networks, Infrastructure, Traffic, Urban Agency and Architecture, Energy Policy and Mines, Migrations, Sexual Diversity and LGBTI Rights or Consumption.

Also included in the exception are the presidency of the Center for Sociological Research and the general directorates of the Tourism Institute of Spain (Turespaña), the Women’s and Equal Opportunities Institute, the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services and the Institute of youth.

Lack of interest

Fedeca recalls that these types of exceptions can only be made in an exceptional and motivated manner according to the Law of the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, so it regrets the “lack of interest” of the political class to achieve a model of professional public function and independent and the “politicization” of the Administration.

At the same time, it shows its “best disposition” to advance in a reform that it considers pending to achieve an Administration «professional, impartial and independent ».


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