Selena Gómez releases the first single from her long-awaited album in Spanish

Selena Gómez released this Thursday the song 'De una vez', her second song in Spanish and the first since 2010. Produced by the Puerto Rican artist Tainy and his company NEON16, the song is a ballad based on reggaeton that celebrates female strength.

The artist had hinted that one of her dreams was to release an album in Spanish and industry sources have assured that 'De una vez' is the first single of the production.

Gómez, of Mexican grandparents, had already revealed his intentions to release an album with songs in Spanish. However, he gave the surprise without further ado. The only publicity clue was some graffiti that mysteriously appeared with his face in some small cities in Mexico with the phrases 'Once' and 'Dance with me'.

The artist just gave her fans a few hours to digest the news she announced on her social networks, in which she published a romantic photo in which she appears with a floral dress, and roses and daisies on her head. On his chest he wears a pin with an illuminated heart.

With the words 'De una vez, esta noche' in English and Spanish and the recommendation that they reserve it on Spotify, Gómez caused a revolution among his followers, including some celebrities such as Rauw Alejandro and Tainy himself, who expressed their excitement at the issue. On YouTube, the video for the song was received by more than 130,000 fans who connected to the launch on the platform.

Although Gomez is a committed activist with the causes of the Latino community In the United States and often expresses being proud of her Mexican roots, the artist's only song in Spanish so far was 'A Year Without Rain', part of her album 'A Year Without Rain'.

Composed by Kris Floyd and produced by Jota Rosa and Albert Hype, 'De una vez' is a song 100% pop, with the typical Gomez energy, and a slow reggaeton base. This is not the first time that Selena Gomez and Tainy have combined their talents. The artists collaborated on 'I Can't Get Enough,' their 2019 hit, with J Balvin and Benny Blanco. The artist also worked with Ozuna and Cardi B on 'Taki Taki', the 2018 song in which DJ Snake also participated.


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