Select candidates playing video games, the latest trend in human resources

Select candidates playing video games, the latest trend in human resources

I KNOWMadrid Updated: 06/10/2022 11:54 a.m.

The introduction of playful techniques in the selection processes is a trend that is gaining relevance in the human resources sector in Spain, as is the case of the Spanish car company SEAT, which during the month of June is undertaking a series of dynamics of selection supported by video games, with a total of 110 participants who will aspire to get one of the 60 places to study one of the Higher Level Training cycles of their School of Apprentices.

"Testing candidates through a video game allows us to detect the optimal profiles we are looking for, in addition to being able to evaluate them in a more effective way that is adapted to generation Z," says Oliwia Puppel, Head of Talent Acquisition at SEAT.

The 110 candidates use the facilities of the Psicosoft eSport Academy in Barcelona, ​​an establishment specially designed to organize this type of dynamic based on gamification. «Fundamentally these conferences aim to expose applicants to an environment in which volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of conditions and situations are combined. This helps us, not only to detect and evaluate their skills and attitudes, but also to promote their own development both at work and personally," says Sergio Yáñez, CEO of Psicosoft eSport Academy.

Applicants for a place in the SEAT Apprentice School will have to show their best version by playing a team video game in which each participant must assume a specific role. During the game, each decision and each action carried out by the participants will become the object of study for a group of public relations experts, who will be in charge of evaluating the performance of each player and each team and, based on this, They will issue a global report on each participant so that the company can make the decision to select its future students, with sufficient value arguments.

Among the skills that can be evaluated from this experience, the ability to work in a team, leadership skills, attitude in the face of adverse situations and adaptability, among others, stand out.

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