Segovia stops serving suckling pig for the first time in its history

The Segovia-roast suckling symbiosis will also go into quarantine starting this weekend, as the city’s restaurants close their doors as a precaution against the coronavirus alarm, many of them for the first time in its long history.

This is the case of the emblematic Mesón de Cándido, founded in 1896 and which since then has not closed a single day, until now: “not even when we have made reforms, we always remained open in some way”, relates this Saturday to Efe Cándido López , the grandson of the historic founder and Innkeeper of Castilla.

However, the now director of the business considers the current coronavirus health crisis a matter of “force majeure”, which has infected more than 5,000 people in Spain and killed 136, one of them a 98-year-old woman. from the province of Segovia, where there are 15 confirmed cases.

It was not an easy decision for the inn’s management, which is aware of the symbol that this place represents for the city: “‘Aqueduct, inn and suckling pig’ has always been united in a perfect symbiosis”, regrets the hotelier: “but there is think about health to stop this pandemic. “

The Mesón de Cándido, located a few meters from the Segovia Aqueduct, serves between 300 and 500 clients on a normal weekend day, but the “economic cost” is today “in the background” since the priority “is to put in value health and human lives, “he said.

The decision to close the restaurants in the city of Segovia has not been a decision of the Government, as it has happened in the Community of Madrid, but the hospitality sector of this tourist capital has wanted to anticipate.

“We think that the sooner it is done, the sooner we will cut it … Why are we going to extend misery?” Says Javier García, manager of the Segovianos Hoteliers Industrial Association, who has confirmed that the 300 restaurants that the association encompasses they will follow the immediate closure indication.

García himself has expressed great concern about the economic impact of the region, since this indefinite closure will mean “ruin” for many locals, “a hole” for others, and “ERTES, ERES and layoffs” for various businessmen.

For this reason, on behalf of the sector, it considers the measures announced by the Government to be insufficient and expects more actions in this regard: “it does not fix us that payments be deferred to us; if I have no income, today, tomorrow, or the day after … no I can pay you, “reasons the manager.

Along the same lines, José María, the owner of another emblematic restaurant, famous for its roast suckling pig that bears the same name, has expressed its concern. This had announced its temporary closure as of Monday, but has decided to move it to this Saturday, after the food service.

“When we do the meetings, we see people really concerned,” says the businessman, who is in charge of a staff of 120 people: “we tell them that everything will be solved, but the reality is that we don’t know how,” he regrets. .

Since the year it was founded in 1982, this will also be the first time that the José María restaurant has closed. That Segovia stops serving suckling pig for the first time in its history will affect, in addition to the hospitality sector, the rancher.

“We will have to adapt and be flexible, start freezing or something similar,” says the innkeeper, who also owns a farm for these animals: “it is a very perishable product and unstoppable production,” he says.

Another place that has closed its doors for the first time in its history is Casa Duque, considered the oldest restaurant in Segovia, founded in 1895, which stopped serving yesterday afternoon.

“We have survived two world wars, one civil war and it has never been closed until now; this is the sad story of today,” says a distressed Marisa Duque, director of the restaurant.

Duque attributes this decision to close to “the social conscience and the prevention of labor risks” of his 36 employees: “in no way am I going to put the health of my workers at risk, in any way,” he declares.

“It is important to be supportive and to be on the side of people at this time, to leave the business aside,” says the businesswoman, who, however, cannot avoid showing her concern about economic losses: “this year is lost”, she concludes .

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