See the full list of 2021 Nobel Laureates

Abdularazak Gurnah, Nobel Prize in Literature.

Abdularazak Gurnah, Nobel Prize in Literature.

This past week has been frantic within the Nobel Prizes, some awards that elevate its recipients to the Olympus of their respective disciplines. The organizers have been unveiling day by day and with Swedish punctuality those deserving of the highest distinction in Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace. Michael Houghton, Harvey J. Alter, and Charles M. Rice; Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez; Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna; Louise Glück; and the World Food Program were looking for successors to match. And they have found them.

In the absence of the economics honorees being revealed, this is the complete list of 2021 Nobel Laureates:

Nobel Prize in Medicine

David Julius, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. EFE

Understanding how the nerve impulses that allow us to feel pain, a change in temperature or even a caress are initiated has deserved, neither more nor less, than the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology of 2021. The most relevant scientific award of the year has been for andl American researcher David julius and the Lebanese scientist Ardem Patapoutian. For the decades of basic research that have led to discovery of temperature and touch receptors and that, one day, they could give birth to a new generation of pain treatments.

Nobel Prize in Physics

Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics. EFE

The Alert message about the progress of the global warming and the devastating scenarios posed by the climate crisis They are the result of a science that, far from speculation, has already consolidated its theoretical base and is capable of making firm predictions. So much so that this year he has deserved the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics. Specifically, the recognition goes to three researchers who, in one way or another, have contributed to a better understanding of this phenomenon. The prestigious award is divided into two parts. The first goes to the researcher of Japanese origin Sykuro manabe and to german Klaus Hasselmann for his research in mathematical models that allow us to understand the evolution of the Earth’s climate. The other half of the recognition falls on the Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi, whose work has allowed us to delve into mathematical models to study all kinds of complex phenomena.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Benjamin List, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. EFE

The art of create organic molecules (or asymmetric organocatalysis, for friends) wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021. As announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, this year’s prestigious award goes to the German researcher Benjamin List (1997, Frankfurt, Germany) and in the British David MacMillan (1968, Bellshill, United Kingdom). The first, enthusiastically, explains that he has received the happy news during his family vacation. The second has not responded to the call from the Academy, so his name has risen to stardom without him knowing.

Nobel Prize in Literature

Abdulrazak Gurnah, Nobel Prize in Literature. Reuters

The Prize Nobel Prize for Literature 2021 has been awarded to the Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah for his moving description of the effects of colonialism reported this Thursday the Swedish Academy. The Nobel Committee highlighted Gurnah’s work his “uncompromising and compassionate penetration into effects of colonialism and the destiny of the refugee in the abyss between cultures and continents. “In his treatment of the experience of refugees, the focus is on identity and self-image.

Nobel Peace Prize

Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize. EFE

Two journalists representing, in turn, “all journalists” have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2021. Filipina Maria Ressa and the Russian Dmitri Muratov have won the precious award for their efforts to safeguard the freedom of expression, “an indispensable condition for democracy and lasting peace.” Ressa and Muratov have fought “with courage”, according to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, for this ideal in their respective countries, at a time when the democracy and the freedom of the press go through “increasingly adverse conditions”.


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