'Secrets of State' of papier mache | TV

The road that led to the premiere of State Secrets It did not point to anything good. In interviews during filming, some actors already dropped what had been sold as a thriller Political reality had turned out to be something different. A few weeks ago, the producer responsible for the fiction, participated by Mediaset, was dissolved. The creator of the series, Frank Ariza, has signed failures as The Continental, Ours 2 or the already classical (and, fortunately, quite forgotten by the public) Dreamland. By last, State Secrets it remained as what its own title indicates without being presented to the press before its release. The previous sensation was not good. And the first chapter has confirmed that the suspicions were well founded.

History seems to want to aspire, on paper, to a kind of House of Cards to the Spanish: the President of the Government, who cheats on his wife with his press chief, suffers an assassination attempt that reveals a plot around him to try to seize power. However, the series is not even close to the cartoon that ended up being the series of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. And, on top of that, he does not have the Underwood couple.

'Secrets of State' of papier-mâché

A plot without hook or interest and that aims to become interesting by getting more and more. Bad dialogues The usual excess of lighting in the Telecinco series (and its usual excess of tension music). A prison that looks like something out of American movies. With small exceptions, State Secrets is a series that transmits so much falsehood, so much cardboard, in the performances, the plot, the dialogues, in everything, that it is impossible to get to enter the story and get hooked to the characters. In addition, apparently in the first chapter (and that start in which three minutes and there were two naked characters on screen), everything points to the plot will turn more towards the personal side and Culebronesco political intrigues, running for achieve a place among the list of guilty pleasures of viewers who are willing to continue with it.

And, of course, a chapter of 75 eternal minutes interrupted in its broadcast on television for several advertising breaks that lengthened it until after 00.30. We repeat ourselves in this aspect, but it is inadmissible that a series ends in prime time at that time, taking viewers hostage at the expense of uploading a few tenths of screen quota.


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